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A Dirty Girl In Finland

By Mike Everleth ⋅ February 9, 2008

Two monsters with nasty, sharp teeth

Director Jennifer Clary writes in with the exciting news that her awesome short film Dirty Girl will be making its World Premiere at the Tampere International Film Festival, with will run March 5-9. There’s no schedule up on the festival website as of this writing, so I don’t know the exact time and date it’s playing. If you’re interested in going, here’s the catch: The festival is held in Finalnd. If you live in Finland, that’s great. If you live in the U.S., that’s quite a trip.

But that’s not a hindrance to Jennifer who will be attending and will hopefully provide the Underground Film Journal with a report and some pictures when she gets back. Jennifer is also especially excited because this is an Academy Award qualifying festival, so maybe we’ll see her at the Kodak Theater next year. We wish her and the film the best of luck.

Of course, we’re filing this report because we gave this live action/animation combo film a stellar review a few months back. Here’s some of what I said:

the crudeness of the clay cancer “monsters” here only enhance their gross, little ferociousness. That CGI Lamisil toenail monster looks like a cuddly children’s plush doll compared to these vile grotesqueries. They chew and gnaw at the patient’s clay organs with their sharp metal teeth, while spewing pus and God knows what else while snapping at and hiding from the doctor’s removal instruments.

Read the rest here. It’s a groovy little short. And for more info on it, check out the film’s official website.