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5 Scary Underground Movies For Halloween

By Mike Everleth ⋅ October 25, 2010

If it’s Halloween, that means it’s time for people to start clamoring to watch the latest remakes and sequels to classic scary movies. Hey, not that there’s anything wrong with that. I enjoy a well-done remake or sequel. That there’s not too many of them, that’s a different story. But, it might be time to try something a little bit off the beaten path:

Green zombie

Brain Dead, dir. Kevin S. Tenney. (Netflix | Amazon) Tenney’s famous for fun ’80s low-budget horror classics like Night of the Demons and Witchboard, but Brain Dead came out under the radar recently and is finally available on DVD. The film is a completely over-the-top alien zombie extravaganza that has everything for the perfect horror movie: Blood, beasts and boobs. An alien parasite infects the local rubes who terrorize a group of hikers, bank robbers and a sex-crazed minister who are holed up in a dingy shack in the woods. Scary, gross and an old-fashioned good time.

Masked serial killer

Basement Jack, dir. Michael Shelton. (Netflix | Amazon) Speaking of the ’80s, Basement Jack is a terrific throwback to the classic slasher films from the Reagan era. Really, with the exception of Jigsaw, there hasn’t been a memorable masked killer since Freddy, Michael and Jason were created. And now there’s Jack Riley, the dude who hangs out in unsuspecting family’s basements for a few days, then pops out to slaughter everyone — just like momma would like him to. It’s a fun twist on the slasher genre. Plus, it has an unbelievably insane performance by horror icon Lynn Lowry as Jack’s sadistic mother.

Bloody lab assistant

Bane, dir. James Eaves. (Netflix | Amazon) Torture porn meets The Twilight Zone in this clever mind-twister from England. A gaggle of girls are confined to a laboratory as part of some super-secret scientific experiment. What that experiment is, nobody knows, except that it involves some serious psychological and physical torture. Plus, a mysterious figure breaks into their cell every night to kill them off one by one. Good times! And the ending is a real humdinger that breaks any and all expectations you might have about what you’ve just seen.

Pregnant woman

The Double Born, dir. Tony Randel. (Netflix | Amazon) Randel, the director of Hellraiser II, goes way off the beaten path for this backwoods updating of the classic Bram Stoker tale. Former Indie It Girl, Sammi Davis makes her triumphant return to the screen as a wife who is terminally depressed after losing her baby. But, into her life enters a pair of sadistic teenage boys who go all out trying to seduce her. Or is she seducing them? And all for what diabolical purpose are the sneaky sex games being played? A chilling and chilly tale.

Screaming person

The Human Centipede, dir. Tom Six. (Netflix | Amazon) Here’s a fun Halloween game to play: First, invite a bunch of friends over. Next, fill them up with a ton of candy and alcohol. Then, have everybody start watching the utterly revolting Human Centipede to see who vomits first. Yep, it’s the new cult hit about a German mad scientist who sews three victims together butt-to-mouth so that they “share” the same digestive track. Is the film really as disgusting as it sounds? You bet! And that’s the total fun of it.

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