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2014 Strange Beauty Film Festival: Official Lineup

By Mike Everleth ⋅ June 5, 2014

Abstract monument with Strange Beauty logo floating above

The 5th annual Strange Beauty Film Festival will feature three nights — and one afternoon — of gorgeous short films by local filmmakers and from filmmakers around the world on June 12-14 at the Manbites Dog Theater in Durham, North Carolina.

The Opening Night selection on June 12 will feature local films such as Shambhavi Kaul’s Mount Song, Alina Taalman’s The Descening Package and D.L. Anderson’s Bili Rubin; aswell as films from Rochester, NY; Chicago, IL; and as far away as London and Watford, England.

Some films to look out for throughout the rest of the festival include Fall 1+2 by Canadian filmmaker Aaron Zeghers; Lori Felker‘s award-winning Scattered in the Wind; and Frontier Journals 03: Aztec Baldwin Collage by acclaimed documentarian Georg Koszulinski that features the legendary Craig Baldwin.

Also, the Closing Night program on June 14 will feature Strange Beauty’s Aural Fixation, a program of experimental soundscapes curated by Jenny Morgan.

There are just a ton of wonderful short films playing. The full lineup for the festival is below. For more info on the films and to buy advance tickets, please visit the festival’s official website.

June 12

8:15 p.m.
Snowdysseus, dir. Evan Curtis
Elsewhere, the Survivors, dir. Ali Aschman
Mount Song, dir. Shambhavi Kaul
The Descending Passage, dir. Alina Taalman
La Gallina (The Hen), dir. Manel Raga
Haiku 1: Doubt, dir. Lyle Pisio
The Mass Ornament, dir. Patrick Tarrant
Bili Rubin, dir. D.L. Anderson
BT876-91, dir. Katelyn Wilkerson
Buffalo Death Mask, dir. Mike Hoolboom
Jiro Visits the Dentist, dir. Gina Kamentsky
Lady and the Tooth, dir. Shaun Clark

June 13

8:15 p.m.
Handful of Dust, dir. Hope Tucker
Yucca Mtn Tally, dir. Phoebe Brush
Fall 1 + 2, dir. Aaron Zeghers
Fever, dir. Laura Iancu
Sticky, dir. Jilli Rose
Living Fossil, dir. Sean Hanley
The Inner and Outer Vanishing Point, dir. Cameron Gibson
Curved Shadow, dir. Tom Whiteside

June 14

2:00 p.m.
Reasons Why I Used to Hate My Mom, dir. Windrose Stanback
The Doll Dilemma, dir. Jacob Rosdail
Théodore Casson, dir. Romain Baujard
Bird Talk, dir. Ann Steuernagel
The Cameraman’s Revenge, dir. Ladislas Starewicz, live soundtrack by Felix Obelix
Nile Perch, dir. Josh Gibson
Mutter Natur (Mother Nature), dir. André Kirchner
Scattered in the Wind, dir. Lori Felker
Frontier Journals 03: Aztec Baldwin Collage, dir. Georg Koszulinski
FFF1, dir. Marcin Gizycki

8:15 p.m.
Cut Out the Middleman, dir. David Dawson
Pen Up the Pigs, dir. Kelly Gallagher
Another Statement About Society, dir. Lansing Bruce Robertson
Shooting an Elephant, dir. William Noland
America 6.1, dir. Andre Silva
Cigarette Candy, dir. Lauren Wolkstein

“Strange Beauty Aural Fixation” curated by Jenny Morgan and featuring:
Mercy! So Much Noise by David Goren
Train Dance by Laura Trager
This Lake Can Sing by Jennifer Jarrett
Over the Dancing Flames by Nora Weatherby
Apology by Elizabeth Friend
You Can Only Change Yourself by Hannah Coltron
These Old Hills by Jonna McKone

Leaf, dir. Charlotte Taylor
Macrocosmos, dir. William Huang
The Greatest Show on Earth, dir. Emily Kuehn
Yellow Hair of Happiness, dir. Nic Beery
PXXXL, dir. Lauren Cook
Spans, dir. Robert Todd
Junkspace, dir. Derek Blackman
Radish, dir. Diego Ramirez

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