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2014 Portland Underground Film Festival: Call For Entries

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 29, 2014

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For its 10th anniversary, the Portland Underground Film Festival is mixing things up a bit. Rather than limiting itself to just an in-theater event, the fest is moving itself entirely online. That’s right, all films selected to screen at the fest will be available for streaming online, starting sometime later this year and lasting — as the fest says — possibly forever.

Now, there will be a one-night-only live screening in Portland in October (date and time TBA) that will feature local filmmakers, a “Best of” selection of films from the online version of the fest, as well as raffles, live theater performances and more surprises at the Clinton Street Theatre, the longtime home of PUFF.

There is only one deadline and it’s free to submit. Please see below:


Final Deadline
August 15
Entry Fee: Free!


Reprinted directly from the PUFF website:

1. It must be low to no-budget. If your budget is upward into the thousands, then it’s not an underground work borne of love. This is a festival for the people. That is why there are no submission fees.

2. Only one entry per filmmaker. Pick your best one.

3. Be ok with your movie screening online. PUFF is an online film festival. Once the work is online, it stays there. Possibly forever.

4. Your film is not made for commercial purposes.

5. By submitting to PUFF you are agreeing to have your movie play the festival if selected. If there is a higher profile fest you are waiting to hear back from, then do not submit your film to PUFF. Wait until it’s been rejected and then resubmit next year.

6. Submit only via online link. It makes no difference whether or not your film has played festivals, nor when it was made.

7. PUFF encourages diversity. Have a vision, a soul, a point of view.

8. All lengths and genres encouraged to enter.

9. No big name stars or SAG crews, PLEASE!

To submit, please visit the festival’s official website.