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2014 Boston Underground Film Festival: Official Lineup

By Mike Everleth ⋅ March 20, 2014

Boston Underground Film Festival poster featuring a devil skull head

The 16th annual Boston Underground Film Festival will once again terrorize all of New England with a wide selection of international atrocities that span the globe from Japan to Belgium to the fest’s own backyard. The fest will run March 26-30 at the Brattle Theater.

The fest will open with the supernatural teen comedy All Cheerleaders Die by the dynamic directing team of Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson, which will then be followed by the cult 1974 Japanese nunsploitation flick School of the Holy Beast by Norifumi Suzuki.

Other feature films screening at the fest include: The American warrior documentary My Name Is Jonah by Phil Healy and JB Sapienza; the pre-apocolyptic party of Doomsdays by Eddie Mullins; The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears by Belgian extreme filmmakers Hélène Cattet & Bruno Forzani; the collegiate conspiracy of Jerzy Rose’s Crimes Against Humanity; Jeremy Saulnier’s twist on the revenge thriller, Blue Ruin, starring the irrepressible Macon Blair (Hot Trash); and much more.

On the short film front, there’s BUFF regular and Underground Film Journal fave Brian Lonano‘s latest, Welcome to Dignity Pastures; horror maestro Joseph Christiana’s Meat Cycle; two shorts by relationship comedy expert Robert G. Putka; and a music video by experimental filmmaker Michael Robinson.

The full film lineup is below. But for more information, please visit the festival’s official website.

March 26

7:30 p.m.: All Cheerleaders Die, dir. Lucky McKee & Chris Sivertson. A teenage girl joins her school’s cheerleading squad to get revenge for the death of her best friend, but her actions unleash an orgy of supernatural destruction.
Screening with:
Psychic Cheerleaders: Dawn of the New Age, dir. Taylor Cohan

9:45 p.m.: School of the Holy Beast, dir. Norifumi Suzuki. In this 1974 nunsploitation classic, a young woman joins a convent in order to solve the mystery of her mother’s death.

March 27

5:30 p.m.: “Animation for Adults”
Keep Your Head Down, dir. Ruth Lingford
American Waste, dir. Michael Hadley
Lady and the Tooth, dir. Shaun Clark
Little Vulva and Her Clitoral Awareness, dir. Sara Koppel
Domestikia, Chapter 3: La Petite Mort, dir. Jennifer Linton
Trusts & Estates, dir. Jeanette Bonds
King Tigermore in Strawberry Fields, dir. Tunde Reid-Kapo
We Are Golden, dir. Jonathan Seligson
Virtuous Virtuell, dir. Thomas Stellmach & Maja Oschmann
Cochemare, dir. Maciek Szczerbowski & Chris Lavis
Coyotes, dir. Nicholas Gibney
Drunker Than a Skunk, dir. Bill Plympton
Invocation, dir. Robert Morgan

7:30 p.m.: My Name Is Jonah, dir. Phil Healy & JB Sapienza. This documentary profiles the iconoclastic Jonah Washnis, an upstate New York native devoted to promoting a warrior lifestyle.

9:45 p.m.: Why Don’t You Play in Hell?, dir. Sion Sono. A group of filmmakers insert themselves into a feud between two yakuza clans in order to make a most excellent new movie.

March 28

3:30 p.m.: Kept, dir. Maki Mizui. A woman escapes a rapist’s clutches before she can be assaulted and then experiences regret at not turning him into the police.
Screening with:
Animals, dir. Alexander Yan

5:15 p.m.: “Homegrown Horror”
Along Came a Spider & Mary’s Dream by the Sea, dir. Mike Hadley
Vlog, dir. Arik Beatty
The Creed, dir. Kevin James
The Cost of Doing Business, dir. Hugh Guiney
M Is for Mundane, dir. Andrea Wolanin
Syrup, dir. Everett Bunker & Caroline O’Connor
Picket, dir. Izzy Lee
Microcinema, dir. Skip Shea
Midnight Mass, dir. Alex Pucci
Telephoto, dir. Ian Carlsen & Jeff Griecci

7:15 p.m.: Doomsdays, dir. Eddie Mullins. Two slackers roam about an abandoned resort town, breaking into and trashing the empty homes.
Screening with:
Mach 9, dir. Jamie Heinrich

9:45 p.m.: The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears, dir. Hélène Cattet & Bruno Forzani. A man returns home from a business trip and ends up having to solve his own murder.
Screening with:
Belagile, dir. Anastasia Cazabon

11:59 p.m.: “Voltaire’s Angry Glove”
A Moment of Silence at the Grave of Ed Gein, dir. Jörg Buttgereit
Wawd Ahp, dir. Steve Girard
Not a Hair Out of Place, dir. Andrew Fagan
Flushing Flesh, dir. Taylor Cohan
Meat Cycle, dir. Joseph Christiana (Watch online)
Angst, Piss & Shit, dir. Fredrik Hana
Ave Maria, dir. Skip Shea
Dialogue, dir. Josh Johnson
Cat Sick Blues, dir. Dave Jackson
Baskin, dir. Can Evrenol
Juaritos, dir. H.F. Crum

March 29

11:30 a.m.: “Saturday Morning Cartoons”
Curated by Kier-La Janisse. Actual cartoons screening TBA.

2:45 p.m.: “Sound + Vision”
Das Muerte “All Those Delicate Cuts”, dir. Phil Mucci
Joel Compass “Back To Me”, dir. Ian & Cooper
Raffertie “Build Me Up”, dir. Vincent Haycock
Hallelujah the Hills “Confessions of an Ex-Ghost”, dir. Ryan Walsh & Evan Sicuranza
Jackson and His Computerband “Dead Living Things”, dir. Alexandre Courtès
Birdy Nam Nam “Defiant Order”, dir. Nicolas Davenel
Snakadaktal “Fall Underneath”, dir. Dimitri Basil
Femme “Fever Boy”, dir. Laura Bettinson
Jackson and His Computerband “G.I. Jane (Fill Me Up)”, dir. Mrzyk & Moriceau
Slava “Girl Like Me”, dir. Eugene Kotlyarenko
Neon Neon “Hammer & Sickle”, dir. Rob Schroeder
Gesaffelstein “Hate or Glory”, dir. Fleur & Manu
White Blush “Juice of My Heart”, dir. Carol Rhyu
Speedy Ortiz “Ka-Prow!”, dir. Daniel Ferm & Michael Falcone
Zulus “Kisses”, dir. Ryan Haupt
Bat for Lashes “Lilies”, dir. Peter Sluszka
Carpenter Brut “Obituary”, dir. Silver Strain
Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys “Pornival”, dir. Walter Sickert
Ronika “Rough ‘N’ Soothe”, dir. Michael Robinson
Dansson & Marlon Hoffstadt “Shake That”, dir. Helmi
Electro Spectre “Tokyo Shuffle”, dir. Rune Hov
Lapalux “Without You”, dir. Nick Ray Rutter

5:15 p.m.: Crimes Against Humanity, dir. Jerzy Rose. The assistant to the dean of a local university investigates two professors having affairs with their students and gets embroiled in a bizarre conspiracy.
Screening with:
Oi, Meu Amor, dir. Robert G. Putka
Where Does It Go From Here, dir. Robert G. Putka

7:00 p.m.: American Jesus, dir. Aram Garriga. This documentary examines modern day Christianity in action in America.

9:15 p.m.: Starry Eyes, dir. Dennis Widmyer & Kevin Kölsch. A young starlet goes to great, debasing lengths in order to make it big in Hollywood.
Screening with:
Hum, dir. Ian Marcks

11:59 p.m.: EDSA XXX, dir. Khavn. In the year 2030, the Philippines have devolved into a state of anarchy.

March 30

12:30 p.m.: Ten, dir. Michael J. Epstein & Sophia Cacciola. Ten women visit an island where a terrible murder occurred — or did it? — years earlier.
Screening with:
Legitimate, dir. Izzy Lee

2:30 p.m.: “Emotional Incontinence”
Welcome to Dignity Pastures, dir. Brian Lonano (Watch online)
Sad Monster, dir. Kurt Dettbarn
Liebe, dir. Cameron Macgowan
Killer Kart, dir. James Feeney
Mémorable Moi, dir. Jean-Francois Asselin
Goosey’s Big Movie, dir. Gabriel Laks
Sunshine for Breakfast, dir. Parker Winans
Mr. Lamb, dir. Jean Pesce
Doughnut, dir. Patti Tsarouhis
Foam Drive Renegades, dir. Adam Deviller

4:15 p.m.: Love Eternal, dir. Brendan Muldooney. A teenage boy becomes a recluse after witnessing a suicide, eventually forming a bond with a female corpse and connecting with other wanna-be suicides.
Screening with:
The Tale of Love Suicide, dir. Ken Hirata

6:15 p.m.: The Congress, dir. Ari Folman. Based on a novel by Stanislaw Lem, in the future, pharmaceutical companies and the entertainment business have banded together to keep society in a perpetually blissed-out state.

8:30 p.m.: Blue Ruin, dir. Jeremy Saulnier. When a drifter discovers that the man who killed his parents twenty years earlier, the social outcast plots a gruesome revenge.
Screening with:
Cliff, dir. Drew Angle

10:30 p.m.: “Closing Night Awards”