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2014 Avant-Garde Masters Grants Winners

By Mike Everleth ⋅ October 16, 2014

The National Film Preservation Foundation has announced their annual Avant-Garde Masters Grants winners — their list of organizations that have been awarded funds to preserve classic and important avant-garde, experimental and underground films.

This year, five organizations — Anthology Film Archives, Bard College, New York University, the UCLA Film & Television Archive and the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research — have been awarded grants to preserve 10 films made by five different filmmakers.

The films include several made by significant figures in the ’60s underground film movement, such as Globe (1971) by Ken Jacobs and two by Shirley Clarke, Butterfly (1967) and 24 Frames Per Second (1977). Also from the ’60s is a rare film by artist Ed Ruscha, who is primarily known for his painting and photography, but did make some films, such as the to-be-preserved The Books of Ed Ruscha (ca. 1969).

Several more modern films will be preserved, such as four by pop culture remixer Julie MurrayFF (1986), Tr’cheot’my P’sy (1988), A Legend of Parts (1988) and Conscious (1993). Two films from the Cinema of Transgression movement will also be preserved — Simonland (1984) by Tommy Turner and Richard Kern, and Rat Trap (1985) by Turner and Tessa Hughes-Freeland.

The full list of Avant-Garde Masters Grants Winners is below, which inclues brief summations of the films by the National Film Preservation Foundation.

Anthology Film Archives (New York)

Globe (1971), Ken Jacobs‘s 3D view of the streets of Binghamton, New York.

Bard College (New York)

FF (1986), Julie Murray’s assemblage of rephotgraphed images from pop culture.
Tr’cheot’my P’sy (1988), Julie Murray’s fast-paced feminist collage.
A Legend of Parts (1988), parodic history of civilization by Julie Murray, assembled from found footage and 3D postcards.
Conscious (1993), Julie Murray’s collage of educational and science films.

New York University (New York)

Simonland (1984), Tommy Turner’s absurdist parody of televangelism, made with Richard Kern.
Rat Trap (1985), Tommy Turner and Tessa Hughes-Freeland’s examination of the perils of substance abuse.

UCLA Film & Television Archive (California)

The Books of Ed Ruscha (ca. 1969), tongue-in-cheek reading of the artist’s books by musician Mason Williams.

Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research (Wisconsin)

Butterfly (1967), abstract Vietnam war protest by Shirley Clarke and her daughter Wendy.
24 Frames Per Second (1977), Shirley Clarke’s rapid-fire montage of classic Persian miniatures.

(Pictured above is a still from Julie Murray‘s A Legend of Parts, provided by the NFPF.