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2013 Winnipeg Underground Film Festival: Official Lineup

By Mike Everleth ⋅ June 7, 2013

Postcard of the ocean for the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival

Winnipeg, a city bursting with experimental and avant-garde filmmakers, is launching its first ever Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, which will run on June 14-16 and feature both local and international work.

Being the first edition of the fest, it is a curated event featuring loads of underground short films and live performances, then will conclude on the 16th with the experimental documentary Two Years at Sea, directed by Ben Rivers.

Performances include the modular synth duo Solar Coffin, comprised of musicians Fletcher Pratt and Erik Larsen on the 14th; then on the 15th will be the music/film combo Ghost Twin, comprised of filmmakers Karen and Jaimz Asmundson.

Some short film highlights include Bryan Boyce‘s hilarious Walt Disney’s Taxi Driver; the vanishing act of Salise HughesErasable Cities; a program featuring the work of and curated by Montreal’s Sabrina Ratté; a retrospective of Jesse McLean, including Magic for Beginners and Remote; a program of 16mm films by San Francisco’s Paul Clipson; a block of animation by Jodie Mack, Edwin Rostron, Lilli Carré and Leslie Supnet; and tons more.

WUFF is the brainchild of curator Travis Cole and filmmakers Aaron Zeghers and Scott Fitzpatrick; and is hopefully the first edition of many more to come.

The full lineup is below. For more info, please visit the official Winnipeg Underground Film Festival website.

June 14

7:00 p.m.: “The ‹90 Second Open Call”

8:30 p.m.: “Cinema Studies: Hollywood Repurposed”
Univverrsal Picturessss, dir. Jan Mensen
Crop Duster Octet, dir. Gregg Biermann
Erasable Cities, dir. Salise Hughes
Carmilla’s Thirst, dir. Wendy Morgan
Titanic Abridged, dir. Jesse Hamel
Walt Disney’s Taxi Driver, dir. Bryan Boyce (Watch online)
Post-Face, dir. Frederic Moffet
The Time That Remains, dir. Soda_Jerk
Miss Candace Hilligoss’ Flickering Halo, dir. Fabio Scacchioli + Vincenzo Core

10:00 p.m.: “Short Visits to Different Worlds: Featuring and Curated by Sabrina Ratté”
The Land Behind, dir. Sabrina Ratté
Aurae, dir. Sabrina Ratté
Activated Memory I, dir. Sabrina Ratté
Skymappr, dir. Brenna Murphy
Survey, dir. Joe Hamilton
Trouble in Utopia, dir. Joe Hamilton
Virtual Lobby, dir. Lauren Elder
Rooms, dir. Sara Ludy
Sky Limousine, dir. Zahid Jiwa
124510112010, dir. Maryann Norman
Liquid Diamond, dir. Sam Newel
Temple, dir. Duncan Malashock
Magic Square, dir. Duncan Malashock
Colorful Colorado Revisited, dir. Yoshi Sodeoka

11:30 p.m.: Solar Coffin (live music/video performance)

June 15

7:00 p.m.: “Display: 5 x Jesse McLean
Somewhere Only We Know, dir. Jesse McLean
Magic for Beginners, dir. Jesse McLean (Watch online)
Climbing, dir. Jesse McLean
Remote, dir. Jesse McLean
Invisible World, dir. Jesse McLean

8:30 p.m.: “Queer Themes: 6 New Traditions”
de(con)struct, dir. E. Hearte
Encounters I May or May Not Have Had with Peter Berlin, dir. Mariah Garnett
Pop!, dir. Navid Sinaki
Happy, dir. Daniel McIntyre
In My Room, dir. Chance Taylor
I Remember: A Film About Joe Brainard, dir. Matt Wolf

10:00 p.m.: “A Thousand Little Lights: 4 x Paul Clipson
Another Void, dir. Paul Clipson
Chorus, dir. Paul Clipson
Union, dir. Paul Clipson
Sphinx on the Seine, dir. Paul Clipson

11:30 p.m.: Ghost Twin (audio/video performance)

12:30 a.m.: “VHS Dance Party (with DJs Rob Vilar and Rhayne Vermette)”

June 16

5:30 p.m.: “Draw on Everything: Fresh Animated Ideas”
Spectrum Cube, dir. Emilio Gomariz
Like a Lantern, dir. Lilli Carré
Cul-de-sac of Mortality, dir. Edwin Rostron
Triangles, dir. Ben Popp
Blotto 649, dir. Mike Maryniuk
Modern No. 2, dir. Mirai Mizue
Ghosts of Yesterday, dir. Tony Gault
Provincial Highway 44, dir. Ryan Hill
Bite of the Tail, dir. Song E Kim
The Great Rabbit, dir. Atsushi Wada
Once It Started It Could Not End Otherwise, dir. Kelly Sears
Point de Gaze, dir. Jodie Mack
PXXXL, dir. Lauren Cook
Stalking the Wild Washi Machine, dir. Devon Damonte
Burning Star, dir. Joshua Gen Solondz
Spring Tide, dir. Sean Hanley
You Are Here, dir. Leslie Supnet

7:00 p.m.: Two Years at Sea, dir. Ben Rivers. Jake is a hermit who lives in the forest near Aberdeenshire, Scotland trying to complete his mysterious projects.