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2013 Strange Beauty Film Festival: Official Lineup

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 22, 2013

Poster for Strange Beauty featuring a young girl admiring a drawing

The fourth annual Strange Beauty Film Festival will screen on January 24-26 at the Manbites Dog Theater in Durham, North Carolina. The fest primarily screens avant-garde and experimental short films.

Special Events: On Jan. 25, Tom Whiteside’s Circle Spiral Slow, featuring films from Whiteside’s film collection accompanied by live music by local band Arrows Out. And on Jan. 26, give your eyes a rest and your ears a workout with the “Strange Beauty Aural Fixation” experimental audio program.

Underground Film Journal picks: Leslie Supnet‘s The Animated Heavy Metal Parking Lot (Jan. 24), which is quite frankly one of the most charming animated films of all time; and Clint Enns‘ psychosexual 8-bit adventure ♥++ (Jan. 24). Also be on the lookout for films by Aaron Zeghers, Kelly Sears, Bill Brown, Robert Todd and Roger Beebe.

For more info and to buy tickets, please visit the official Strange Beauty Film Festival website.

Full lineup below:

January 24

8:15 p.m.: “Short Film Program 1”
Golden Age of the Virgin Microbe, dir. Lansing Bruce Robertson
Thank You for Calling, dir. Régis Coussot
The White Coat Phenomenon, dir. Kristin Reeves
Boy Brides and Bachelors, dir. Melissa Potter
The Animated Heavy Metal Parking Lot, dir. Leslie Supnet (Watch this underground movie streaming online)
Citadel, dir. Matt Glass
♥++, dir. Clint Enns
Sigmund’s Dream, dir. Yoav Ruda
Bridge, dir. Kevin T. Allen
I Would Like It Very Much, dir. Deron Williams
Lumerence, dir. Miwa Matreyek
21 Chitrakoot, dir. Shambhavi Kaul
Digging and Riding, dir. Patrick Moser
Predator!!!, dir. Jilli Rose
3 Waves, dir. Francesca Talenti
No Easy Out, dir. Jim Kellough
Dance 0-19, dir. Stuart Pound
Song for Bobby XP1, dir. Tommy Becker

January 25

8:15 p.m.: “Short Film Program 2”
The Dream of Ore Magi, dir. Evan Curtis
Zombie Dragonfly Discotheque, dir. David Montgomery
Flexing Muscles, dir. Charles Fairbanks
Paris 1994, dir. D.A. Hoskins and Nickolaos Stagias
Body Memory, dir. Ülo Pikkov
Some Girl Who Tells Stories, dir. Whitney Johnston
Welcome to Creepyville Episode 4: Gabbing with Gabby, dir. Rich Gurnsey
Belly, dir. Julia Pott

Circle Spiral Slow, dir. Tom Whiteside
A new program featuring archival explorations from filmmaker and collector Tom Whiteside, with live music by Durham instrumental band Arrows Out.

January 26

3:15 p.m.: “Short Film Program 3”
Dangerous Light, dir. Robert Todd
The Popcorn Kid, dir. Sharon Mooney
The Whale Story, dir. Tess Martin
Light Plate, dir. Josh Gibson
A Walk in the Woods, dir. Tess Martin
Luminaris, dir. Juan Pablo Zaramella
Once It Started It Could Not End Otherwise, dir. Kelly Sears
Grandpa Gives You the Bird, dir. Marc Maximov
Elvis: Lonely Hunter of Circle Beach, dir. Matt Hulse
Atracados [Moored], dir. Filipe Afonso
Lucidity, dir. Jaime Andrews
First Death in Nova Scotia, dir. John Scott
Ordinary Town, dir. Michael Wilde
WOLFKINO, dir. Wolfgang Hastert
Field Fruit & Strawbattery, dir. Ian McClerin
Living on the Edge, dir. Aaron Zeghers
Emergence, dir. Pablo Lorenzana & Katherine Trimble
Memo to Pic Desk, dir. Chris Kennedy & Anna van der Meulen
Minimalist Disco Factory, dir. Ryan Groendyk, Hollis Coats, Robert Burns
One Pathetic Kidney, dir. Matt Giegerich
Song for the Collectors, dir. Tommy Becker

8:15 p.m.: “Strange Beauty Aural Fixation”
On the Day I Died, It Was Mostly the Blues, by Alix Blair
Mr. Okra (excerpt), by Diane Bock
Buddy and Rose, by Bradley Campbell
Vast Sublimation, by Peter Christenson
Vagabond (excerpt), by Ora DeKornfeld
Rompecabezas, by Marcio Doctor
John Dips Below, by Jeff Emtman
Reflections on Being Married to a Lifer, by Matthew Harris
The Self Doubt of Dorothy Gale, by Matt Hulse
Asheville (excerpts), by Gerard Marcus
Drips, by Jonathan Miller
The Good Ship (excerpts), by Sean Mullervy
In the Office of Temporary Assistance, by Lu Olkowski
Belly of the Whale (excerpt), by Katherine Trimble
In India There Are Roses Everywhere, by Caleb Andrew Ward
The Old Grey Goose is…, by Tessie Word

“Short Film Program 4”
Undergrowth, dir. Robert Todd
My Father Is Super Mega Strong, dir. Maite Abella
Compost Confidential, dir. Caryn Cline
Come, See the Real Flowers of This Painful World, dir. Shan Shan
Document, dir. Bill Brown
Choros, dir. Michael Langan
Beginnings, dir. Roger Beebe
The Voice of God, dir. Bernd Luetzeler
Second Firing, dir. Kelly Oliver and Keary Rosen

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