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2012 Calls For Entry: InFEST & Dallas Video Fest

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 23, 2012

InFEST Underground Screening Series

Spectacle Theater logo

InFEST Underground is a new monthly screening series that takes place in Brooklyn, NY at the Spectacle Theater microcinema at 124 S. 3rd St. near Bedford Avenue. It’s being organized by filmmaker Greg Hanson of Greth Productions, which has produced such underground hits as Thy Kill Be Done.

Specifically, InFEST says it is looking for “underground oddities that are insane, psychotronic, transgressive, subversive, oddball, weirdo, gonzo, mondo, mind-bending, or boundless.” And, since this is a regular screening series, there are no entry fees, nor are there any restrictions on length, year, region or anything. If it’s underground, then Hanson wants to take a look at it.

To submit, please write directly to Greg Hanson at “Grethproductions (at) gmail dot com.” Include, if you can, a link to your online video, either public or private. Or, ask how to mail in your submission.

Dallas Video Fest

2012 Dallas Video Fest logo

The Dallas Video Fest will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2012 and is promising a mind-blowing video event of epic proportions on Sept. 27-30 at the prestigious Dallas Museum of Art.

As the oldest video festival in the U.S., Video Fest continues to push its impressive artistic vision:

Since 1986, Video Fest has specialized in independent, alternative, and non-commercial media, presenting hard-to-find works rarely seen on television, in movie theaters, or elsewhere, despite their artistic excellence and cultural and social relevance. Even in a Web 2.0 environment where everything is seemingly available on the Internet, the Video Fest provides curatorial guidance, a critical voice in the wilderness navigating the vast and diverse landscape of media, helping to interpret its cultural and artistic significance.

With that, the festival screens a wide variety of work as long as, of course, its been produced on video. Video Fest screens anything from fictional narratives to documentaries to animation to feature-length videos to experimental shorts. Plus, they host a variety of workshops and discussions on the current state of video art.

For last year’s Video Fest, on the experimental video side, they screened the amazing Magic For Beginners by Jesse McLean; plus work by Penny Lane, Bryan Konefsky, Jodie Mack and Kerry Laitala. They also screened the acclaimed feature length documentary Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo by Jessica Oreck. To view the entire 2011 Video Fest lineup, please visit their website.

While the Early Deadline to submit to Video Fest has passed, other upcoming deadlines are below:

Regular Deadline
May 15
Entry Fees:
Feature: $40
Short: $35

Late Deadline
June 1
Entry Fees:
Feature: $50
Short: $45

To submit to Dallas Video Fest, please visit their official website.