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2012 Call For Entries: Mono No Aware

By Mike Everleth ⋅ October 22, 2012

Filmstrip logo of the 2012 Mono No Aware festival

Love screening film and/or other analog technologies? Love performing live cinematic experiences? Then you need to submit your performance ideas to the 6th annual Mono No Aware festival, which will be held on Dec. 7-8 in Brooklyn, NY.

Mono No Aware is always open for a wide range of live analog image and sound performances, from sculpture to installation to dance to expanded cinema. Images projected can by Super 8mm, 16mm, 35mm, slides or other altered light projections; while the audio accompaniment can be live music, readings, or some form of manipulated sound.

Some suggestions from the fest itself include: “blending film & theater performance, musicians creating a visual experience for their sound, & experimental filmmakers working with story tellers.” And the mission of Mono No Aware is simply:

We believe there is a magic in seeing the film projected as a print. There is a presence a poet has reading his/her own writing. There is a feeling that resonates in your chest when seeing a band live. For these reasons we are encouraging live music, performance and audio to expand the cinematic experience beyond the screen.

The festival also highly discourages the videotaping of performances or making some other kind of copy of the event. They also go on to note that several participants of previous festivals have destroyed all materials after their performance.

Seeing as how you’ll be submitting for a one-time only event, submission requirements include a sample of visual material if possible, title of performance, list of equipment needed, and type of performance noted.

There is only one deadline and it’s coming up quickly:

Final Deadline
October 31

To submit, please visit the official Mono No Aware website.

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