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2011 WNDX One Take Super 8 Event Open For Registration

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 14, 2011

Film festival poster featuring a drawing of the Winnipeg Cinematheque

Winnipeg’s esteemed WNDX Festival of Film and Video Art has just opened up the registration process for this year’s edition of their popular One Take Super 8 Event. WNDX is only accepting 25 submissions, so if you’re interested in participating, you better hustle. The Event is open only to Manitoba residents.

Here’s how it works: Send in your registration form by Aug. 12, along with a $60 entry fee. That fee covers the cost of 1 cartridge of Super 8 film, the use of a Super 8 camera for one day, film processing services and an HD video transfer of your finished movie. (If you use your own cartridge, the submission fee is only $45.)

From Aug. 19 to Sept. 8, you’ll have the opportunity to pick up your film cartridge, and camera if you need it, from the Winnipeg Film Group. Then, you’ll shoot your film with no editing and no way of previewing what you’ve shot before screening. Just simply turn your cartridge back into the WFG on Sept. 8 and they’ll send it off for processing. (You also have the opportunity to submit a CD soundtrack by Sept. 28, but that’s entirely optional by you.)

Lastly, WNDX will screen all 25 participants’ films on Oct. 2 during the fest.

It’s easy and fun, so get your registration in, if you live in Manitoba.

A final note: A great One Take Super 8 films was Jaimz Asmundson‘s 2009 entry Goths! On the Bus!, which you can watch online here.

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