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2011 Underground Holiday Shopping Guide: Cult Movies

By Mike Everleth ⋅ December 15, 2011

New On DVD

Maximum Shame

Maximum Shame DVD cover

Movies don’t get much cultier than Carlos Atanes‘ post-apocalyptic S&M musical. Filmed in a dirty warehouse filling in for the edge of the universe just as said universe is about to fall into a massive black hole, Maximum Shame plays out like an oblique chess match with a demented black leather clad Queen (the phenomenal Marina Gatell) forcing the other players to sit in barbed wire cardboard boxes and shovel pounds of spaghetti into their mouths. Atanes, already Spain’s underground master, really pulls out the stops on this happy mess of madness.
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The Films of Bob Moricz

Goulash Gutter DVD cover

If you’re looking to give a special someone something absolutely out of this world and one-of-a-kind, then you can’t go wrong with a Bob Moricz hand-produced “Bobbywood” production or two. Or go for a full 6-pack of reality-warping DVDs! Whether it’s teenage girls gettin’ knocked up, hillbillies a-fussin’ and a-feudin’, doctors sicker than their patients, disfigured rock stars or other socially maladjusted freaks and weirdos, Moricz zeroes in brilliantly on everything that’s sick and twisted about our world today — and tomorrow!
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Window on Your Present

Window on Your Present DVD cover

Did you know that Spike Lee isn’t the only filmmaker in his family? Brink DVD has resuscitated Spike’s brother Cinqué Lee’s debut feature film from the late ’80s. Cinqué’s vision is about a zillion miles away from his brother’s, though, as he weaves this trippy tale of sad people living in a world without love — or color. However, one man and one woman buck the system and do the unthinkable. They fall in love.
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Underground Classics

Altamont Now
Altamont Now, dir. Joshua von Brown
Chosen as the Underground Film Journal’s 2008 Movie of the Year, this balls-out, punk-rockin’; apocalypse comes firing at you like a nuclear missile. (Seriously, it was filmed in an actual missile silo.) Part social commentary, part fame whore busting, part punk rock musical — and all freakin’ hilarious!

Mock Up on MuMock Up on Mu, dir. Craig Baldwin
Craig Baldwin’s latest “collage narrative” masterpiece is actually like getting 50 films in one since its so jam-packed with outrageous conspiracy theories, old sci-fi and spy films and the wacky love triangle between L. Ron Hubbard, Jack Parsons and Marjorie Cameron. This film is essential viewing.