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2011 Sydney Underground Film Festival: Award Winners

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 23, 2011

Film festival poster featuring a drawing of a scene from Un Chien Andalou

The 5th annual Sydney Underground Film Festival, which was held back on Sept. 8-11, has released their list of award winners.

Rather than the traditional types of awards given out to fests, SUFF likes to give out more flamboyant accolades, such as the Unique Aesthetic Award, Most Provocative Film, the Clever Bastard Award, Bloody Good Filmmaking and Most Charming Protagonist. In addition, the fest hands out multiple Audience Choice Awards for films per each short film program.

The big winner this year was Last Days Here, directed by Don Argott and Demian Fenton. This documentary about the return of rock singer Bobby Liebling took home the Best of the Festival Award. Runner up, though, was Peter Sasowsky’s Heaven and Earth and Joe Davis, another documentary, this one profiling the titular scientist.

Some other notable award winners were: Tyler Baptist’s Mantis in Black Lace for Most Provocative Film, George Nagle’s Real Time for Boundary Breaking Short, and Phillip Lepherd’s The Birthday Circle for Bloody Good Filmmaking.

The jurors on the SUFF panel this year were Simon Forster, Jamie Leonarder and Brendan Fletcher. For a list of all the films that played at the fest, please see the full lineup here.

The full list of award winners is below:

Best of the Festival Award
Last Days Here, dir. Don Argott and Demian Fenton
Runner up: Heaven and Earth and Joe Davis, dir. Peter Sasowsky

Unique Aesthetic Award
Melt, dir. Noemie LaFrance

Experimental Narrative Award
The Artist, dir. Joseph Perkins

Most Provocative Film Award
Mantis in Black Lace, dir. Tyler Baptist

Most Political Film Award
Transformation, dir. Vahid Vahed

Boundary Breaking Short
Real Time, dir. George Nagle

Clever Bastard Award
Happy Bag, dir. Graeme Robertson

Bloody Good Film Making Award
The Birthday Circle, dir. Phillip Lepherd

Most Charming Protagonist
I’m a Rock Star, dir. Stefano Bertelli


LOVE/SICK Audience Choice Award
Hansel and Gretel , dir. Emma Varker

MOTHER’S MILK Audience Choice Award
Beneath the Waves, dir. Renee Marie Petropoulos

SO BAD IT’S GOOD Audience Choice Award (TIE)
Father Strickland, dir. Daniel Stephens
Killer Ice Cream Men and the Untimely Waffle Zombies and Cat, dir. Don Buppapirak

REALITY BITES Audience Choice Award
The Big Stone, dir. Shane Borza

Everything That Clunked Along, dir. Joshua Belinfante

LSD FACTORY Audience Choice Award
The Artist, dir. Joseph Perkins

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