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2011 Milwaukee Underground Film Festival: Award Winners

By Mike Everleth ⋅ May 18, 2011

Film festival logo that features a man with mouths for eyes

The 2011 Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, which was held back on May 6-8, gave out awards to four deserving filmmakers and also gave Honorable Mentions to six filmmakers.

The three-day experimental and avant-garde short film festival is a student-run event organized by students of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Screenings took place both on campus and at the Walker’s Point Center for the Arts.

Jurors for this year’s edition were University of Florida film professor Roger Beebe; experimental filmmaker Lori Felker; and local curator Nicholas Frank.

Congratulations to the UWM students who put on another amazing show this year. (The full lineup is here.) And special congrats to the festival winners, all of whom received $100. Here is the full list of winners:

TOP PRIZE WINNERS (each receiving $100)
Tokyo-Ebisu, dir. Tomonari Nishikawa (5 min, 16mm, 2010; Binghamton, NY)
In Between, dir. Mike Stoltz (4.5 min, 16mm, 2006; Providence, RI)
Aliki, dir. Richard Wiebe (5 min, video, 2010; Iowa City, IA)
Anima Mundi, dir. Kate Balsley (3.5 min, video, 2010; Brown Deer, WI)

HONORABLE MENTION (in alphabetical order)
A Time Share Unlimited, dir. Zachary Epcar (10 min, video, 2010; San Francisco, CA) (Read the review)
Confessors, dir. Michael A. Morris (19 min, video, 2010; Irving, TX)
Friction of the Inner and Outer Consciousness, dir. Isaac Sherman (7 min, 16mm + live sound, 2010; Milwaukee, WI)
Light Quanta, dir. Karen Johannesen (5 min, Super-8, 2004; Chicago, IL)
L’Internationale, dir. Marianna Milhorat (9.5 min, video, 2010; Chicago, IL)
Luminous Passage, dir. Ryan Marino (6 min, 16mm, 2010; Brooklyn, NY)

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