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2011 Chicago Underground Film Festival: Opening Night!

Artistic film festival poster of a painting of a face in the woods

Tonight marks the opening of the 18th annual Chicago Underground Film Festival. The fest is kicking off this year with the transcendental comedy debut feature by Jerzy Rose, Some Girls Never Learn.

The film chronicles several coincidental paranormal discoveries, including the unearthing of Amelia Earhart’s leg bone, the spontaneous gatherings of wildlife into concentric circles, the loss of helium into the luminiferous aether, and the journey a high school science teacher takes to the underworld to find his girlfriend.

The film screens tonight at 8:00 p.m. at the Gene Siskel Film Center.

Watch the trailer below.

CUFF will then continue every night until June 9. Some other highlights of the fest include Usama Alshaibi‘s Profane, Marie Losier‘s The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye, Jeff Krulik & John Heyn’s Heavy Metal Picnic and Michael Galinsky & Suki Hawley‘s Battle for Brooklyn.

Check out the full lineup here. And visit the festival’s official website here.

Trailer for Some Girls Never Learn:

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