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2011 Calls For Entry: Revelation Perth And Calgary Underground

By Mike Everleth ⋅ October 29, 2010

Two film festivals on separate continents are now open for submissions: Revelation Perth International Film Festival in Western Australia and the Calgary Underground Film Festival in Canada.

Both fests have a somewhat similar vibe in that they typically offer a mix of semi-traditional indie film fare as well as quirkier underground work. However, Revelation does tend to include more experimental film — both new and classic retrospectives — than Calgary does. Here’s the entry details for each:

Revelation Perth:

The 14th annual Revelation Perth Film Festival will take place in 2011 on July 14-24. Revelation does charge an entry fee. The final deadline is:

April 8, 2011

The fest was founded in 1997 and, back in 2008, underground film historian, journalist, author and all around kick-ass film personality Jack Sargeant was named the fest’s Program Director. If you’re interested in submitting, my own take on the fest is that they’re really looking for edgey and quirky independent films, especially in the features category.

Now, I understand that “edgy” and “quirky” are typically disgustingly overused, meaningless buzz words, but in Revelation’s case I think they’re appropriate. Check out last year’s lineup to get a feel for what they like to screen, which included a documentary about living rooms, a Belgian stop-motion animated film and a thriller about a massive European subway.

In the fest’s own words, they’re particularly looking for:

the festival is driven by works that explore style, content and form. We’re not afraid of politics and we love social justice and opinions. Music is enormously popular with our audience as is all elements of popular and youth culture. Our audiences love documentary and there’s a good dose of genre in there too.

To submit to Revelation, please visit the festival’s official Call for Entries page.

Calgary Underground:

The 8th annual Calgary Underground Film Festival will take place in 2011 on April 11-17. The was founded in 2003 and, unlike Revelation, the fest does not charge an entry fee. The final deadline is:

Feb. 7, 2011

The Calgary Underground typically screens similarly edgy independent fare such as Revelation, but with less emphasis on politics and social justice. CUFF also screens documentaries like Rev, but probably not as many.

They do like genre fare, particularly horror and thrillers, as well as comedies. Like, last year they screened films about an Iraqi veteran who turns into a zombie, rock ‘n’ roll vampires, sex-swapping couples and a martial arts student who gets involved in the world of human trafficking.

In the festival’s own words:

We are looking for entries in all genres, styles and categories. Our group of programmers is definitely a mixed bag – but we love to see the weird, the unique and anything that stretches boundaries. Our program always has a strong mix of animation, documentary and narrative. We include all genres.

If you’re interested in submitting to the Calgary Underground, please visit the festival’s official website.