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2011 Calls For Entry: Melbourne Underground, Spooky Movie

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 29, 2011

Text logo for the Melbourne Underground Film Festival

Here are two completely groovy film festivals to submit to:

Melbourne Underground Film Festival

The Melbourne Underground Film Festival, which will be holding its 12th annual edition in 2011. Yes, the festival is still going on, even with the harassment by the Australian government of the fest’s director, Richard Wolstencroft. Looking on the bright side, it’s a good PR slogan: The underground festival even the government doesn’t want you to see!

MUFF has been pushing for a return to glory of Australian genre cinema for the past 11 years and now with the Aussie crime flick Animal Kingdom up for an Oscar this year, that push is starting to see some results. While MUFF didn’t program that particular film itself last year, the official lineup shows they did have the world-wide horror hit El Monstro Del Mar! by Stuart Simpson and other Australian films of note such as Joseph Sims’ Bad Behavior and Dominic Deacon‘s Burlesque.

But don’t think MUFF is just about films from Oz as they program outrageous offerings from all over the world. For example, last year they screened American films Blondes in the Jungle and The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia; plus, Norway’s Dark Souls and other international oddities.

The 12th MUFF dates aren’t set exactly yet, but it’ll run sometime around the end of August. With that, there’s only one deadline date and you can download the entry form at the fest’s official website.

Final Deadline:
June 15
$45 AUS

Text logo for the Spooky Movie Film Festival

Spooky Movie

Next, we have the U.S.’s coolest horror movie festival, Spooky Movie, which will be holding its 6th annual terrifying edition on Oct. 13-16 in and around our nation’s capital. That’s four days of the goriest, scariest, most innovative horror flicks from all over the world.

There is some crossover with the underground film world at Spooky Movie. For example, as you can see last year, they also programmed El Monstro Del Mar!¬†and Dark Souls, like MUFF. That’s what makes Spooky Movie so incredibly awesome is that they are always looking for films that push the genre into new and unexpected places.

In that regard, Spooky Movie is also holding a special horror movie trailer competition this year! Submit your trailer for either a finished film, or for an uncompleted project, or for a movie that doesn’t and never will exist. The only rule is that the trailer must contain all original footage by the submitter — no mash-ups or inclusion of scenes from other people’s movies. Cash prizes will be given to the winning trailers.

There’s lots of deadlines and fees and such, so check out the below list carefully. The first dollar amount is the regular entry fee and the dollar amount in parentheses is the Withoutabox discount. You can submit via that site or via Spooky Movie’s official site.

First Look Deadline
March 18
$30 ($25) Features
$20 ($15) Shorts
$10 ($5) Trailers

Early Deadline
April 8
$35 ($30) Features
$25 ($20) Shorts
$15 ($10) Trailers

Regular Deadline
June 10
$45 ($35)Features
$35 ($25) Shorts
$25 ($15) Trailers

Late Deadline
July 1
$50 ($40) Features
$40 ($30) Shorts
$30 ($20) Trailers

Extended Deadline
Aug. 12
$60 ($45) Features
$50 ($35) Shorts
$40 ($25) Trailers