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2011 Boston Underground Film Festival: The Trailer

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 25, 2011

Boston Underground Film Festival mascot, Bacchus the bunny, gets Godzilla-ized in the crassly fun official trailer that was directed by Brian Lonano for the 2011 edition of the fest. Like a sinister version of the pink bunny suit in A Christmas Story, the giant-sized Bacchus fends off attackers with his powered up middle finger and commits all kinds of indecent carnage in a city constructed of discarded VHS and 3/4″ video tapes. With the launch of this trailer, we expect BUFF to commit all kinds of cinematic mayhem during its 13th annual event running on March 24-31.

Pink bunny with black face and glowing red eyes

For the trailer, Lonano and his Robot Hand crew mix up their usual brand of lo-fi special effects with a bit of a glossier, electrified look for the video game-esque effects. It’s a nice combo that works well together. Best gag: The bunny humping the VHS cassette because, well, bunnies gotta hump somethin’. Also, Lonano is quickly becoming the king of the underground festival trailers, having done a few for Spooky Movie, first for the festival then for the TV show, and now this one for BUFF.

Although BUFF probably won’t be making any selection announcements for a few weeks still, this is about the time of year we start getting jazzed getting ready for them. This particular trailer has us getting extra anxious already.

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