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2011 Arizona Underground Film Festival: Regular Deadline: May 20

By Mike Everleth ⋅ May 18, 2011

The Regular Deadline for the 2011 Arizona Underground Film Festival is coming up: May 20! Fees for this deadline are: $35 for features; and $30 for shorts.

The 5th annual edition of the fest will run Sept. 17-24 in Tucson. Check out last year’s lineup to see what types of movies they’re interested in, although most are in the horror, exploitation, thrillers and just flat-out weird flicks.

If you’re interested in submitting, please visit the fest’s submissions page.

Other upcoming deadlines are:

Late Deadline
June 24
Features $40
Shorts $35

WAB Extended Deadline
July 21st
Features $50
Shorts $45

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