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2010 Sydney Underground Film Festival: Award Winners

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 16, 2010

Sydney Underground Film Festival poster featuring a drawing of Un Chien Andalou

The Sydney Underground Film Festival recently wrapped up their 4th annual killer year on Sept. 11 with nearly half of all their screenings completely selling out.

Awards this year were given out in three sections. First, there were three Director’s Choice Awards chosen by the festival. Then, there are a selection of Jury Awards for categories such as Innovative Narrative, Unique Aesthetic, Provocative and more. The jury consisted of filmmakers Dean Francis and Tom Cowan, and artist Mark Wotherspoon.

Lastly, each short film block of the festival had an Audience Award given to a single film in that block. However, there were also special notations given to two films that received the most and the second most votes total of all short films in all blocks.

The full lineup of winners is below. Some of the big winners were Stuart Simpson‘s El Monstro Del Mar!, which won the Jury’s Choice Award. The film also just won the Best Film Award at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival last month.

The film that won the second most audience votes was Dr. Mermaid and the Above Marine directed by Jack McGrath and Mark Elliot, which also took home the jury’s Unique Aesthetic Award. The film that won the most audience votes overall was Maya Newell’s Two.

Congrats to all the winners! Here’s the full lineup:

Director’s Choice Awards:
LanFranchi’s Memorial Discoteque, dir. Richard Baron
The Taint, dir. Drew Bolduc and Dan Nelson (Read the review)
Piss Film, dir. Clare Ferra

Jury Awards

Innovative Narrative Award
Broken, dir. Christian Doran

Unique Aesthetic Award
Dr. Mermaid and the Above Marine, dir. Jack McGrath and Mark Elliot

Provocative Film Award
Blac Blocs-NVDA, dir. Richard Eames

Recycled Cinema Award
Girl on Fire, dir. Tony Lawrence

Confessional Film Award
The Old House, dir. Kathleen Lee

Voyeuristic Award
Rapture, dir. Angelica Mesiti

Original Concept Award
Robotic Panic, dir. Justin Crooks

Juror’s Choice Award
El Monstro Del Mar!, dir. Stuart Simpson (Read the review)

Audience Awards

Then She Was Gone, dir. Burleigh Smith

Maze, dir. Martin Gilbert
House, dir. John Gillies

Robotic Panic, dir. Justin Crooks

Dr. Mermaid and the Above Marine, dir. Jack McGrath and Mark Elliot (Runner Up for the most votes overall)

The Crimson Wave, dir. Terri Matthews
Untitled, dir. Vivienne Linsley

Two, dir. Maya Newell (Winner overall for most votes)

Girl on Fire, dir. Tony Lawrence