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2010 Calgary Underground Film Festival: Call For Entries

Heading into its seventh year, the Calgary Underground Film Festival is looking for a few good films. And by “a few” I mean a great many. The festival will run a full week on April 12-18 and will screen a broad and diverse selection of indie, underground, cult and documentary films from all over the world. The festival doesn’t really have a mission statement on their site about what they’re looking for, but they do say this:

Our program has a strong mix of animation, documentary and narrative. We include all genres, including: horror, sci-fi, fantasy, action, comedy and more.

Their lineup last year illustrates their assertion that this is pretty much a genre-focused event. So, if your film fits into the “cult-y” side of the underground, then this is a good one to submit to. Oh, and they do program a good mix of features and shorts. And one of the best things about submitting is that they have no submission fees whatever. Their one deadline for entry is:

Final Deadline:
Feb. 5

Also, this is for filmmakers who live in or near Calgary. Every year, CUFF sponsors a 48-hour filmmaking challenge. What happens is you register on March 14, then on March 26-28 you have 48 hours to make a short film that will be shown at a special screening sometime during the main festival in April. However, you have to be in Calgary on the 26th to pick up a prop that must be used in the film. At that time, you will also be given a genre and a line of dialogue that must be used, too.

The 48-hour filmmaking challenge isn’t free, either. That costs 60 bucks to enter.

For more info on the festival, regular submissions the 48-hour challenge, please visit the official Calgary Underground Film Festival website.