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2010 Boston Underground Film Festival: Teaser Trailer

By Mike Everleth ⋅ February 22, 2010

Loud, riotous and psychedelic, Bacchus the Bunny, the official mascot for the Boston Underground Film Festival, is on the loose in the official 2010 teaser trailer for the festival. The trailer also includes some martial-arts, panty-peeping clips from the fest’s opening night film, Love Exposure (Ai no mukidashi) directed by Sion Sono. This trailer definitely has me pumped for the festival — and I can’t even go!

Now, if you watch the above trailer, all this might sound like sucking up — and if you do watch it you’ll know what I mean — but truly the Boston Underground is one of the festivals that I cover on┬áthe Underground Film Journal that I am deliriously excited to read what the lineup is. What can I say, our tastes just mesh.

For example, in 2008, they screened Altamont Now, which went on to become my Movie of the Year. In 2009, they screened Modern Love Is Automatic, which was my runner up to Movie of the Year. So, they’ve already leaked some of their 2010 films to me — batch one here and batch two here — some of which look really exciting. The full lineup should be available in a week or so and I’ll have that up on the site as soon as I can. The fest will run March 25 to April 1.

Lastly, I just wanted to thank the guys behind the fest who’ve been very helpful and supportive: Bryan McKay (who cut the above trailer), Kevin Monahan, Nicole McConvery and festival director Anna Feder.

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