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2010 Antimatter Film Festival: Official Lineup

By Mike Everleth ⋅ October 4, 2010

Antimatter Film Festival poster featuring a white structure in a vast landscape

It’s lucky 13 for the Antimatter Film Festival in Victoria, BC. That is, their 13th annual fest is all set to run on Oct 8-16. That’s nine mind-blowing nights of experimental short films, live film performances and culture-shattering documentaries.

The fest kicks off on the 8th with a 16mm screening of Sergei Eisenstein’s classic silent film Battleship Potemkin that will be accompanied by a live soundtrack by DJ-son Bitter Herbs [Jason Flower]. The people’s revolution never sounded so funky! Then, the fest concludes on the 16th with the event “UZOS [Underwater Zombies from Outer Space]” and will feature performances by Ryan Beattie, Atomic Vaudeville, Slut Revolver, Wes Borg and more.

Smooshed between those two events will be the debut feature film by acclaimed ethnographic filmmaker Ben Russell, Let Each One Go Where They May, which documents the amazing recreation of a bold escape made by slaves. Other feature length documentaries screening are: Teen Routines, about prolific home recording genius R. Stevie Moore; Jesse Lerner’s art and politics collage Atomic Sublime; the Polish music revolution doc Beats of Freedom; and more.

As for the gazillion short films screening — catch ’em all! — there are new works by old favorites: Deborah Stratman, Sylvia Schedelbauer, Todd Verow, Martha Colburn, Chris Kennedy and Leslie Supnet. But I want to especially highlight two wonderful films: Karen & Jaimz Asmundson‘s absolutely hilarious Goths! On the Bus! music video; and the provocative Pandrogeny Manifesto by Dionysos Andronis and Aldo Lee and starring the third lifeform Breyer P-Orridge.

The full festival lineup is almost too massive for one web page to bear, but I’ve included it below. Screenings will be taking place in two locations: Open Space and Cinecenta. So, you’ll want to check the official Antimatter Film Festival site for more info.

Oct. 8

8:00 p.m.:Battleship Potemkin: USSR Groove & Fuzz Time Machine”
Sergei Eisenstein’s seminal 1926 Russian masterpiece will be screened in 16mm and be accompanied by a live soundtrack by DJ-son Bitter Herbs [Jason Flower] that will include Soviet-era jazz plus folk-rock from Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Yakutsiya and beyond.

Oct. 9

7:00 p.m.: “The Body Parlor”
A/S/L (age/sex/location), dir. Freya Björg Olafson
Sic Transit, dir. Manuel Saiz
Guided Tour, dir. Judy Fiskin
Birthday No. 45: Monthly Expenses 4 November.xls, dir. Margie Schnibbe
Dusk, dir. Erwin Olaf
Lesbian National Parks & Services Presents: Endangered Species, dir. Shawna Dempsey & Lorri Millan
Dais (chaos with chair), dir. John G Boehme
body trail, dir. Willi Dorner & Michael Palm
Collide-o-Scope, dir. Naren Wilks
The Body Parlor, dir. Frédéric Moffet

9:00 p.m.: “Noise Unto the World”
Hydromorphone 8mg, dir. Francois Miron
Charades, dir. Ann Steuernagel
All That Sheltering Emptiness, dir. Gina Carducci & Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore (Read the underground movie review)
Black Chalk, dir. Irene Bindi
Fair Trade, dir. Leslie Supnet
Wowie, dir. Craig Webster & Florina Titz
Nothing to Fear But Nothing Itself, dir. Salise Hughes
Everybody, dir. Jessie Mott & Steve Reinke
Noise Unto the World, dir. Aleigh Lewis

Oct. 10

7:00 p.m.: “Don’t Look Directly Into the Sun”
Microform, dir. Emilie Serri
This Is Very Good, dir. Jakub Vrba
Fledgling, dir. Tony Gault & Elizabeth Henry
Sleeping Bear, dir. Jack Cronin
Ray’s Birds, dir. Deborah Stratman
Tamalpais, dir. Chris Kennedy
DE LUCE 1: Vegetare, dir. Janis Crystal Lipzin
Mikomiing, dir. Leonard Sumner
Don’t Look Directly Into the Sun, dir. Kathleen Rugh

9:00 p.m.: “Losing Ground”
Blue, dir. David Geiss
Losing Ground, dir. Isabelle Hayeur
Vineland, dir. Laura Kraning
Very Good Advice, dir. Jenn E Norton
Giri Chit, dir. Simon Tarr
Sahara Mosaic, dir. Fern Silva
Une fois Mars colonisée (Once Mars Is Colonized), dir. Pierre Yves Clouin

Oct. 11

7:00 p.m.: “Nervous Systems”
Rock-a-Lula-Hula, dir. Rick Raxlen
Achilles, dir. Meera Margaret Singh
Reproduction Prohibited, dir. Jonathan Culp & Monica Clorey
Mud, dir. Natasa Prosenc-Stearns
The Bathers, dir. Pixie Cram
Eight Women, dir. Laura Bouza
Her Sugar Is?, dir. Dana Claxton
Corners, dir. Derek Roberts

9:00 p.m.: “Soldiers in Their Youth”
Junko’s Shamisen, dir. Sol Friedman
August 2008, dir. Rä di Martino
Paradise Later, dir. Ascan Breuer
AM/PM, dir. Brigid McCaffrey
Solar Paludism, dir. Lamashtu (Frederick Maheux)
Road Not Taken, dir. Linda Scobie
Soldiers in Their Youth, dir. David Oresick

Oct. 12

7:00 p.m.: Teen Routines: The Self-Made Magic of R. Stevie Moore, dir. Kier-La Janisse & R. Stevie Moore. Moore is considered the Godfather of Home Recording and has released over 400 cassettes and CD-Rs, plus hundreds of DIY music videos. He’s probably the most prolific musical genius of all time whom you’ve never heard of — until now!
Screening with:
Somewhere Only We Know, dir. Jesse McLean

7:00 p.m.: Atomic Sublime, dir. Jesse Lerner. This is a feature-length found footage collage film that examines the history and politics of modern art in the U.S., such as the red-baiting of the Abstract Expressionist painters.

9:00 p.m.: Let Each One Go Where He May, dir. Ben Russell. Two brothers take a perilous journey from the outskirts of Paramaribo, Suriname to a Maroon village on the Upper Suriname River in a stunning real-life recreation of the journey their ancestors took to escape slavery.

9:00 p.m.: “City Breath: South Africa” (Curated by Kai Lossgott)
Circles, dir. Terry Westby-Nunn
I walk the street with loose parts, dir. Ryan Kruger
Sound & Sign Language Poems, dir. Lolette Smith
Between, dir. Colleen Alborough
Fragmented, dir. Khanyisile Mbongwa
City Girl, dir. Niklas Zimmer
(Un)veiling, dir. Mandilakhe Yengo
waitless, dir. Ananda Fuchs
The Electrician, dir. Terry Westby-Nunn
Walking in Plastic, dir. Kai Lossgott
Terra Obscura, dir. Maia Grotepass
Player 1.1, dir. Mark Wilby
This Place Forever (excerpt), dir. Fabian Oliver Wargau
TV Programs 001: Powerlines/Web of Life, dir. Nileru
Karohano, dir. Jeanette Ginslov
Burn (I lost a poem), dir. Erica Luttich
Omdat ek die stadsrumoer (Because I chose the city noise), dir. Koeka Stander
Waiting, dir. Rat Western
To those who belongs the earth shall belong the sky up to the heavens, dir. Maaike Bakker
Jackson 5, dir. Sean Buch
Elsewhereness: Cape Town, dir. Anders Weberg & Robert Willim

Oct. 13

7:00 p.m.: “Manifested Destiny”
Manifested Destiny, dir. David Joseph Oonk
The Devil & Me, dir. Aaron McCloskey
Koh, dir. Adam R Levine
If There Be Thorns, dir. Michael Robinson
Triumph of the Wild, dir. Martha Colburn
Yanqui WALKER &6. the OPTICAL REVOLUTION, dir. Kathryn Ramey

Oct. 14

7:00 p.m.: “Les Complices”
Staring Back, dir. Katheen Rugh
Lot 22, Concession 5, dir. Penny McCann
Opal, dir. Cara Marisa Deleon
Elinor, dir. Judith Price
For the Time Being, dir. David Clark
Around the Corner From Solitude, dir. Stefanie Wong
Death By VHS, dir. Damien Ferland
lungful lustre, dir. Backy Ip
Les Complices, dir. Nora Martirosyan

7:00 p.m.: Beats of Freedom; or How to Overthrow a Totalitarian Regime with a Home-Made Amplifier, dir. Leszek Gnoinski & Wojciech Sota. This documentary takes a look at the history of Polish rock music and the freedom and independence it brought to the people living behind the Iron Curtain.

9:00 p.m.: “Homoccult & Other Esoterotica” (Queer Films about Magick and the Occult Curated by Daniel McKernan & Richie Rennt)
Curses, Hexes & Boots, dir. SUPERM (Slava Mogutin & Brian Kenny)
Boyfriend #3, dir. Todd Verow
Self-Love, dir. Roberto Ratti
GOD (Episode 6 of 21), dir. Terence Koh
As Doors Open Into Space, dir. Peter Christopherson/The Threshold Houseboys Choir
Veneration X, dir. Daniel McKernan & Richie Rennt
Uncle Billy, dir. Black Sun Productions (Massimo & Pierce)
Ordeal by Roses, dir. Lee Adams
S/HE IS HER/E, dir. Morrison Edley/Edward O’Dowd
Pantelia, dir. Micki Pellerano
Ecstatic (from Self-Obliteration), dir. Ron Athey
The Pandrogeny Manifesto, dir. Breyer P-Orridge, Dionysos Andronis & Aldo Lee (Read the underground movie review)

9:00 p.m.: Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry: The Life and Times of American Tattoo Master Norman K. Collins, dir. Erich Weiss. A documentary profile of Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, who is considered the foremost tattoo artist of all time.

Oct. 15

7:00 p.m.: “Seer’s Catalogue”
The B-Film Keeper, dir. Gerda Cammaer
way fare, dir. Sylvia Schedelbauer (Read the underground movie review)
A Movie by Jen Proctor, dir. Jen Proctor (Watch online)
Galactic Docking Company, dir. Clark Nikolai
Twisted Eyes (2nd Video Version), dir. Dietmar Brehm
The Blockbuster Tapes, dir. Daniel Martinico
Seer’s Catalogue, dir. Dave Griffiths
Vortex, dir. Gennaro de Pasquale

9:00 p.m.: “The Delian Mode”
mumbles, dir. Rick Raxlen
Somewhere, dir. Salise Hughes
My Siren Is Nuclear, dir. Randall Good
Freddy McGuire – Lottery Ticket, dir. GUMMI International
Chasing Waves, dir. Occusonic (Paul O Donoghue)
The Same Problem, dir. Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay & Aleesa Cohene
Goths! On the Bus!, dir. Karen & Jaimz Asmundson (Watch online)
Ciao Bella, dir. Susy Raxlen
Needle Work, dir. Ron Resendes
The Delian Mode, dir. Kara Blake

Oct. 16

8:00 p.m.: “UZOS [Underwater Zombies from Outer Space]”
Description by Antimatter: “Rotting flesh and unspeakable desires. Monster robots, madness, death. Destruction, mayhem, chaos. Falling in love with fear. Abominations. Creeping fog, man-eating plants, vampire mermaids. The spectral, the macabre, the abject. Wailing, screaming, the gnashing of teeth. Claws, scales, blood, bones, mud. Massacres. Aliens, other planets, UFOs, dead bodies, angry ghosts.”
Featuring performances by: Ryan Beattie, Wes Borg, Slut Revolver, Atomic Vaudeville, Lily Fawn, Rad Juli, Lindsay Coulton, Savage Henry, High Arctic, Chelsea De Nada, David Chenery, Jody Franklin, Marlaina Buch, Klaus Dieter Preschl and Grayson Walker.