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2009 San Antonio Film Festival: Official Lineup

By Mike Everleth ⋅ June 25, 2009

Film festival poster featuring a drawing of a projector and San Antonio landmarks

This is an important milestone. The San Antonio Film Festival is celebrating its 15th year on June 25-28! Special congrats to fest head honcho Adam Rocha for staying in the game for so long, putting out one great edition after another for fifteen years. This years SAFF runs June 25-28, so go attend and celebrate.

The festival, which used to have “underground” in it’s name until recently, is a four-day all short film event. Two screens will run concurrently with completly different lineups. While I haven’t officially counted how many films are listed below, just by glancing at the schedule you can see it’s a lot. A LOT.

I’m not personally familiar with any of the directors or films on the list, so I can offer any recommendations. But that’s one of the great things about a fest like this. There’s so much new stuff to discover!

The festival is again screening at the Instituto Cultural de Mexico and this year the fest has chosen Monterrey, Mexico as its Special Guest City. And one other note I personally find interesting: The opening night celebration, a Saturday workshop and the Saturday Awards Ceremony will all be translated by sign language for the deaf. I went to film school at RIT, which had a large deaf community, so seeing SAFF have translators makes me happy.

And now, here’s the lineup. Each day has different screenings that run at the same exact time, so check the SAFF website to see what exactly is playing in which theater:

June 25
2:00 p.m.:
The Twenty, dir. Chopper Bernet
Ride of the Yoga Valkyries, dir. Dan Berman
Repaired?, dir. Seung-Hoo Ihm
Jeff and Freddy, dir. Andrew Martinez
The Miracle, dir. Jeffrey Jon Smith
Shaken, dir. Sylvia Rincon

2:00 p.m.:
Teponazcuicatl, dir. David W. Bailey
Sam’s Rain, dir. Craig Curry
Sketch, dir. Emanuel Bermudez
Lalo, dir. Daniel Maldonado
The Thing Waiting Outside, dir. Valdemar Belmares
Truth, dir. Herbert Midgley
Journey of the Opportunist, dir. Mark Walley and Angela Guerra
Watch the World by 2nd Day, dir. Jesse Schroeder

7:00 p.m.:
Stalk Much, dir. Bill Baykan
Consensus Chalice, dir. Sandy Erickson
La Tangente, dir. Vincent Vesco
Cumbia Callera, dir. René Villarreal

7:00 p.m.:
Grapes on a Vine, dir. Alfred “Skip” Robbins
Junkyard, dir. Michael Skvarla
Mute, dir. Hassan Said
Purge, dir. Brad Kammlah
Silent Shame, dir. Tadeo Garcia

June 26
2:00 p.m.:
The Other Side of Immigration, dir. Roy Germano
Hector Corp., dir. Gary Lee
Hungry God, dir. Sukhada Gokhale-Bhonde
Kids of the Majestic, dir. Dylan Verrechia

2:00 p.m.:
Barstool Cowboy, dir. Mark Thimijan
The Dying Western, dir. Michael Kortlander
Sun Up, dir. Jeremiah Flores
OK, dir. Brett Mauser
Goin’ Nowhere Fast, dir. Shawn Adams

6:00 p.m.:
Trash Day, dir. Sam Lerma
Noor, dir. Razan Ghalayini
American Faust: From Condi to Neo-Condi, dir. Sebastian Doggart
Liminal, dir. Stephen Keep Mills
Death Rattle, dir. A. J. Garces
Flores Para el Soldado, dir. Javier Garza Yáñez

6:00 p.m.:
Curse of the Lechusa, dir. Amza Moglan
Richard Dooling’s Bush Pigs, dir. Christian Champoux & Topler Ahrens
Without Papers, dir. Florencia Krochik
Passing Fancy, dir. Wei-Hsin Yang
No Soliciting, dir. Wes Barlow
The War Boys, dir. Ron Daniels

June 27
2:00 p.m.:
Trust Us, This Is All Made Up, dir. Alex Karpovsky
La Memoria de Amor, dir. Andie C. Flores
Alex Rubio, dir. Sergio Ramos & Emileigh Potter
Desierto Adentro, dir. Rodrigo Plá

2:00 p.m.:
Kings of Appletown, dir. Bobby Moresco
September 17, dir. Wilson Bondesen
This Is Your Life, dir. Cydney Cox
The Art of the Deal, dir. Emilio Mazur
Perpetual, dir. David Kerr
9:20, dir. Jay Dotson
Lucky, dir. Yvonne Hernandez & Robert Castaneda
The Reality Remote, dir. Maggie Richardson
Tour de Gruene, dir. Dylan Maldonado
My Big Family, dir. Donovan Mejia
Karma, dir. Nicolas Garcia
The Hundred, dir. Fidel Ruiz-Healy
The Change ProjectProducer, Russ Ansley
Eye Remember, dir. Richard Hernandez, Yvonne Lopez, Fayzohn Shelby, Severa Wilson, Pedro Cedano, and David Sutcliffe
Busy Signals, dir. James Gottfredson
Accessories to Murder, dir. Carlos Medina & Marissa Vega

6:00 p.m.:
Alison WonderlandDirectors, Toni, Yesenia, & Natalie
The Earth Is Warming, dir. Christine & Chernai
Water Pollution, dir. Nick & Jacob
Beyond the Call, dir. Adrian Belic
Funeral March for a Marionette, dir. Eric Fonseca
Cruzando, dir. Michael Escamilla & Mando Alvarado

6:00 p.m.:
Art from the Streets, dir. Layton Blaylock
Midsummer, dir. Hans Montelius
Twinmates, dir. Patricio Salinas
One Hand Claps the Other, dir. Melinda Rainsberger
El Corrido, dir. Donnie Meals
Automatic, dir. Sharon A. Mooney
The Coffee Shop, dir. Brevig Madison
Left, dir. Froukje Tan

June 28
12:00 p.m.:
In His Blood, dir. Vianna Davila
A Man, His Music and His Legacy, dir. Veronica R. Hernandez & Joe Miraglilo
Under Lock and Key, dir. Jenifer Westrup
Almost Every Day, dir. Gandja Monteiro
The Boys of Ghost Town, dir. Pablo Veliz

12:00 p.m.:
Under the Bridge, dir. Craig Ballin & Scott Rudolf
Bad Timing, dir. Keller Davis
Sinnerman, dir. Kelly Daniela Norris & Travis Pittman
Vitruvius Toybox, dir. Dennis Iannuzzi
Man vs. Opera, dir. Matthew Diekman
Fifth Form, dir. Adam Orman

5:00 p.m.:
Desdemona, dir. Phillip Guzman
Doctor “S” Battles the Sex Crazed Reefer Zombies, dir. Bryan Ortiz
I Luv U Mamas, dir. Ian Tyler Ibarra
Tacoland, dir. Laura Escamilla-Fouratt
Ram, dir. Ian Tyler Ibarra

5:00 p.m.:
One Nothing, dir. Todd Harter
The Optician, dir. Jane McGee
Half Kenneth, dir. Ken Ochiai
Tale 52, dir. Alexis Alexiou

For more info, please visit the official San Antonio Film Festival website.