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2009 Onion City Experimental Film And Video Festival: Call For Entries

By Mike Everleth ⋅ February 27, 2009

Green onions tied to media cables

Hosted by Chicago Filmmakers, the Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival is currently looking for entries for their 21st annual event that will be held this year on June 18-21. There is only one entry deadline:

Final Deadline:
April 24
($5 for additional entries)

In addition to films and videos, Onion City is selecting a small group of installation works for a continuous gallery showing during the course of the festival.

This is a long-running festival, but one I’m listing for the first time on the¬†Underground Film Journal. So, I don’t particularly have too much background on the fest right now. Actually, I can’t even find a full lineup for last year’s edition. But, so you can get an idea about what they’re looking for, the site Experimental Cinema has the lineup for 2007. (By the way, that’s a really good site to follow in general.)

Also, the official Onion City site has a list of winners from 2008:

First Place:
Bachelor Machines Part 1, dir. Rosalind Nashashibi

Second Place:
Ah, Liberty!, dir. Ben Rivers

Third Place:
Victory Over the Sun, dir. Michael Robinson

Honorable Mentions (alphabetical by title):
The Dike of Transience, dir. Gyula Nemes
Footnotes to a House of Love, dir. Laida Lertxundi
Garden/ing, dir. Eriko Sonoda
It Will Die Out in the Mind, dir. Deborah Stratman
Quartet, dir. Nicky Hamlyn
Spirit House, dir. Robert Todd

Several names on there are familiar to lineups I post regularly to the Underground Film Journal, e.g. Robert Todd and Deborah Stratman.

If you’re interested in submitting, please visit the official Onion City website or their Withoutabox page.

And check out the Underground Film Journal’s list of film festivals for more great underground fests to submit to.

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