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2009 Montreal Underground Film Festival: Official Lineup

By Mike Everleth ⋅ May 15, 2009

Two tough girls wearing jean jackets with a Montreal Underground Film Festival patch

The fourth annual Montreal Underground Film Festival is already underway. The opening night has passed, but there are still two more nights jam-packed with short films and a couple features to go. Below is the full lineup with the opening night included for posterity’s sake.

There are just two special Underground Film Journal shout-outs I want to give. The first goes to Leslie Supnet‘s charming The Animated Heavy Metal Parking Lot, which is short clips from the underground film classic that Supnet has animated. The short has already played a couple fests this year and I predict it will be tearing up the circuit over the months to come. And speaking of tearing it up, Leah Meyerhoff‘s Team Queen is still roaring across the festival circuit and is screening during MUFF.

The lineup is below and it is mostly short films. Although if you see a random film sitting by itself that means it’s a feature. Normally I put up descriptions for features, but to get this up quickly I’m forgoing that tradition. Plus, some of the descriptions on the MUFF site are in French, which I don’t read or speak. But please visit the MUFF site for more info on all the screenings and films.

May 14
8:00 p.m.: “Animal Farm”
Cattle Call, dir. Matthew Rankin & Mike Maryniuk
The Best Lobster Movie Ever, dir. Johnny Capote
Hey F*** Face, dir. Amber Dawn
Made-Up, dir. Owen Eric Wood
All This Way, dir. Robert Daniel Pytlyk
Transfert, dir. Guillaume Paquin-Boutin
Music Machines, dir. Jonas Meier
Milbe (Mite), dir. Karle Tebbe
Qui est là?, dir. Chloé Leriche
Alarm Call, dir. Janice Louise Miller
Fesse Party, dir. Kim Kielhofner
Tattoo Step, dir. Mike Maryniuk
Breakfast in Leningrad, dir. Witkacy
What’s My Mother !#@$ Name?, dir. Amber Dawn

May 15
8:00 p.m.: “Dear Diary”
Snap Shot, dir. Kim Kielhofner
Silence, dir. Ava Lanche
Sérénade… En fragment, dir. Marijo St-Amour
Characters, dir. Hsin-Wei Chen
12:12, dir. Karina Mariano
Song for the City With Music in Its Bones, dir. Amy Lynn Kazymerchyk
The Rise and Fall of a Long Distance Relationship, dir. Claudie Lévesque
Gare d’Austerlitz, dir. Lisa Martin
Orgesticulanismus, dir. Mathieu Labaye
Frontière, dir. Ian Oliveri

9:30 p.m.: “Dance This Mess Around”
The Animated Heavy Metal Parking Lot, dir. Leslie Supnet (Watch online)
As the World Goes By My Window With Thurston and Kim, dir. Kim Kielhofner
My Kung Fu “ Everything is good”, dir. Marco Lutz
Apparatus / Construct / Manipulation, dir. Justine Litynski, Terryll Loffler, Kim Simard
Filth, ou comment j’ai vu le jour, dir. The Volatile Works Collective
Ladyfemmes, dir. Drew Tobia
What’s My Mother !#@$ Name, dir. Amber Dawn
Self Portrait Sans Penis, dir. Drew Tobia
Trilogy of Two, dir. Tori Sparks
Team Queen, dir. Leah Meyerhoff
Hail the Failure of Urban Planning, dir. Kim Kielhofner
Alex and Her Arse Truck, dir. Sean Conway
16-33-45-78, dir. DJXL5 & Francis

11:00 p.m.: “SHOCK ME”
Yodelling Mad, dir. Drew Tobia
I Love (St.) Louis, dir. Joe Lachajczyk
2072: La Rencontre, dir. Simon Lacroix
2072: La sortie, dir. Simon Lacroix
Leperfuck, dir. Drew Tobia (Watch online)
Mélomane Holocauste, dir. Patricia Rioux
La Plage des mortes-vivantes, dir. Carnior
Gypsy Crepes, dir. Lear Bunda
Sleeper, dir. Marina Roy
Stupid Junkie Faggot, dir. Drew Tobia

12:30 a.m.: Psychoprotoplasmes : L’Emprise du parasite, dir. Sandy Depretz

May 16
7:00 p.m.: “EX/PARA/MENTAL”
Ingénue, dir. Dominic Étienne Simard
Doppleganger, dir. Micheline Durocher
Fleeing Rotland, dir. Steven Woloshen
Les Jeux d’enfants, dir. Muriel Montini
Waterway, dir. Jung-Chul Hur
412222, dir. Robert Pasternak
Das Auge des Parasiten, dir. Luis Ortiz
eZS: Sequenza 1, dir. Alessandro Brucini
Manifest, dir. Hsin-Wei Chen
Discovering Composition in Art, dir. Heidi Phillips
Over No Things, dir. Yen-Chao Lin

8:00 p.m.: “Cake, Docs and Blue Angels”
No One Wants to Eat the Parsley, dir. Sharon A. Mooney
Jusqu’au bout du chemin, dir. Kyril Dubé, Jérôme Dumais, Philippe Grégoire
Sunrise Dacapo, dir. Nina Pope
Movements, dir. Stephanie Loveless
Set Stories, dir. Ron Resendes
Abibai, dir. Julien Henry, Ludovic Cesar
Wendy McNeill “Ask Me No Questions”, dir. Magnus Renfors
Swan Song (Joutsenlaulu), dir. Maarit Suomi-Väänänen
Present Myths, dir. Kim Kielhofner
Black, dir. Guillermina Buzio, Jorge Lozano
Boy, dir. Wrik Mead
De-construction, dir. Maria Worton
Eye-Witness-War, dir. Dave Johnson

9:30 p.m.: (Blue Skin), dir. Andrea Schuler, Oliver Ruts
Preceded by Tattoo Step, dir. Mike Maryniuk

11:30 p.m.: Tunnel Canary, dir. Eric Lohrenz