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2009 Minneapolis Underground Film Festival: Call For Entries

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 3, 2009

Drawing of a woman dominating a man

After a successful first year in 2008, the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival is already gunning for a second go-round. While it’s always good to submit your film to a festival as early as possible, the deadline for this one is still a ways off:

Final Deadline:
Sept. 1
Entry fee: $49

I remember seeing somewhere that the fest was going to run in mid-December of 2009, but they don’t list the dates on the official site as of today so I’m no longer sure about that. Regardless, it must be sometime in the fall or early winter given the deadline date.

Last year’s MUFF screened a whole bunch of¬†Underground Film Journal favorites, including my 2008 Movie of the Year Altamont Now, runner-up Attackazoids!, plus other terrific films like Marta’s Sex Tape, Unspeakable, Westsider, Snuff: A Documentary About Killing on Camera and Saila. And check out the full 2008 MUFF lineup to see what the fest is looking for. Plus, last year, MUFF gave out awards, which I assume they’ll do again.

Check out the official MUFF site for more info and submission details.

And check out the Underground Film Journal’s list of film festivals for more great underground fests to submit to.

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