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2009 Melbourne Underground Film Festival: Call For Entries

Text logo for the 10th Melbourne Underground Film Festival

In a bold move, Melbourne Underground Film Festival director Richard Wolstencroft has announced that this year’s Australian MUFF — the tenth edition of the fest — will be held directly opposite of the Melbourne International Film Festival.

For most of MUFF’s existence, it’s been held in July, except for the past two years when it was moved forward to September and October. But, now it’s going back it’s more traditional slot on the calendar.

The reason for the move is that Wolstencroft, an extremely vocal critic of the current Australian film industry, has become so fed up with the state of things that he is positioning MUFF as an aggressive challenger to the typically “retrograde programming of MIFF.” Wolstencroft goes on to state:

We have had it with MIFF, and we will show them by example how to program a festival. We will hound, harangue and pester festival director Richard Moore to get off his ass, and respond to the current industry crisis by action and debate, and to do more than swan around OS festivals on a paid holiday putting together a hodgepodge of a festival.

Neither MIFF nor MUFF have announced official dates their respective festivals will run in 2009 yet. But with this new move, MUFF is looking for entries much earlier than it usually is:

Final Deadline:
May 15
Entry fee: $45

Enter either via Withoutabox, which may offer some discounts, or via the entry form at the official MUFF website.

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