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2009 Lausanne Underground Film Festival: Call For Entries

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 16, 2009

Out of all the festivals listed on the Underground Film Journal, the Lausanne Underground Film Festival, which will run on Oct. 14-18, always sounds like the most exotic. First off, it’s located in Switzerland, which automatically elevates its coolness factor no matter what films they’re screening. But second, LUFF manages to craft a totally wild lineup of avant-garde, experimental and underground films for each edition.

Just last year, LUFF screened Craig Baldwin‘s Mock Up on Mu, Brian Lonano‘s Attackazoids!, Mike DavisSex Galaxy; plus a selection of transgressive films programmed by Cinema Abattoir; a Beat cinema retrospective that featured films by Jonas Mekas and Ron Rice; a retrospective of Richard Kern; and just a whole lot more great stuff.

If you think you’re own underground film belongs in that kind of mix, there’s no entry fee, cash prizes awarded to films in competition and only one deadline:

Final Deadline:
June 15

LUFF accepts films for these competitions: short narrative, short experimental, animated shorts, feature films and documentaries. As for what types of films they’re exactly looking for, this is what they say:

The LUFF 2009 opens its doors to the most strange, wonderful, weird, twisted, oneiric, sensual, brutal, scary, ugly, marvelous, psychedelic, dark, strange, daring piece of filmmaking. No matter the substance, provided that there drunkenness!

For more information and submission forms, please visit the official LUFF website.

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