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2009 Festival Of (In)Appropriation: Call For Entries

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 29, 2009

This comes via the Film Radar forums. The Los Angeles Filmforum, which holds regular screenings at the American Cinematheque and other venues, is sponsoring their first Festival of (In)Appropriation and they’re looking for submissions. If you have a short film that’s composed completely of footage from other films, or contains sections composed of found footage, then this is the festival you want to submit to.

Underground film has a long history of appropriating footage from other movies, going probably most famously back to Bruce Conner‘s wildly influential A Movie produced in 1958. The genre”s most famous current practitioner is Craig Baldwin, whose latest venture, Mock Up on Mu, is an epic conglomeration of original and found footage.

The first ever Festival of (In)Appropriation will be held sometime in June and there’s only one deadline with no entry fee:

Final Deadline:
April 1

The only real criteria for submissions are that films must be under 20 minutes in length and, as I said above, be composed entirely or at least partly of found footage. Straight from the festival’s curators, Jaimie Baron and Andrew Hall, here’s a little bit more on what this event is all about:

Whether you call it collage, compilation, found footage, detournement, or recycled cinema, the incorporation of previously shot materials into new artworks is a practice that has generated novel juxtapositions of elements which have produced new meanings and ideas that may not have been intended by the original makers, that are, in other words “inappropriate.” This act of appropriation may produce revelation that leads viewers to reconsider the relationship between past and present, here and there, intention and subversion. Fortunately for our purposes, the past decade has seen the emergence of a wealth of new sources for audiovisual materials that can be appropriated into new works. In addition to official state and commercial archives, vernacular archives, home movie collections, and digital archives have provided fascinating source material that may be repurposed in such a way as to give it new meanings and resonances.

I’m personally a fan of a good “repurposed” film, so this event sounds like a ton of fun to me. For where to submit, please visit this posting in the Film Radar forums. And for more info on the L.A. Filmforum, please visit their official site.

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