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2009 Calgary Underground Film Festival: Call For Entries

Calgary Underground Film Festival

I’m pretty sure the Calgary Underground Film Festival has been open for entries for a little while already, but I only just found out the deadline:

Final Deadline:
Feb. 6

The fest will run on April 14-19. As always, the Canadian CUFF has no entry fee and as to what they’re looking for from filmmakers, they put it best themselves:

We are looking for entries in all genres, styles and categories. Our group of programmers is definitely a mixed bag – but we love to see the weird, the unique and anything that stretches boundaries.

Our program always has a strong mix of animation, documentary and narrative. We include all genres; horror, sci-fi, fantasy, action, comedy and more.

Also, here’s the 2008 lineup to give you a feel for what they’re into. It is a mix, as they say, of some underground stalwarts that made the rounds in ’08, like Spine Tingler! and Frank & Cindy, as well as some more mainstream indie fare like The Wackness.

This year, too, CUFF is holding their third 48-hour movie challenge. I believe this is open to only filmmakers in the Calgary area because I think you have to pick up and drop off your finished film in person. But check out the guidelines to make sure. Registration for this event is Jan. 23. The shoot weekend is Feb. 6-8. And films will be screened on April 29.

For more info about regular submissions and the 48-hour movie challenge, please visit the official CUFF site.

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