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2009 Austin Underground Film Festival: Official Lineup

By Mike Everleth ⋅ October 9, 2009

The fourth annual Austin Underground Film Festival is doing something a little different this year. Actually, make that a lot different. Rather than holding a one-night only event in a nice cozy theater in Austin, the festival is going out into the wilderness to be a part of the 2009 Art Outside event Oct. 9-11.

Not actually in Austin, Art Outside is being held at the Apache Pass artist camping area in Rockdale, Texas. Bands and performances will run all day long, but films will screen at night on the mobile big screen in the media tent. Also, films screening will be a “Best of” selection from the previous years, plus a few new films.

Selections screening are listed below. Every year I’ve reviewed the AUFF films, so if you want to read up on what’s screening, just check out the old reviews on the Underground Film Journal: 2006, 2007, 2008. But, if you like the outdoors and you like films, this is the perfect event for you.

Don’t Call Me Crazy on the Forth of July, dir. Richard Pell
Texas Hospitality: Final Meal Requests, dir. Michael Pfaendtner
I’m Not Stealing, Don’t Put Me Behind Bars, dir. The Carbon Defense League
Tales of Mere Existence, dir. Lev Yilmaz
55: A Meditation on the Speed Limit, dir. Andy Medlin
An Apple A Day, dir. Kevin Maher
Portrait of the Artist at 16, dir. Jay Stern
Re Code Commercial, dir. The Carbon Defense League
The Old Negro Space Program, dir. Andy Bobrow
Exhibit A, dir. Andy Gately
Drawing Between The Lines, dir. Bruce Parsons
Cube, dir. K.C. Katsaros & Derek Moss
Help Is Coming, dir. Ben Mor
Bodega, dir. Casimir Nozkowski
Ghetto Big Mac, dir. Casimir Nozkowski
In Defense of Definitions, dir. Don Swaynos (Watch online)
Narcotics: Pit of Despair, dir. Mel Marshall
Mondo Ford, dir. Ricardo Fratelli
Rainbow Family Gathering: World Peace Prayer, dir. John Hartman
LSD A Go Go, dir. Scott Calonico
Pollination, dir. Max Chan
I Am So Proud Of You, dir. Don Hertzfeldt
Mulched Midnight Memories of Don Knotts, dir. Andre Perkowski
Entracte, dir. Yann Gonzalez
The Cat Inside, dir. Andre Perkowski
One-Eyed Don, dir. Byron Brown
Sk8boardin’, dir. Jeff Rubin
A Belly Full of Anger, dir. Andre Perkowski
Siyamo, dir. Mahmoud Rezi Sani
Film Noir, dir. The 313
Rabbit, dir. Run Wrake
Muto, dir. Blu
Everything Will Be Okay, dir. Don Hertzfeldt

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