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2009 Atlanta Underground Film Festival: Award Winners

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 14, 2009

Poster for the 2009 Atlanta Underground Film Festival

The Atlanta Underground Film Festival recently wrapped up another killer year on Aug. 30 and have given awards to over two dozen independent films. The full list of winners is posted below.

Several Underground Film Journal favorites took home awards. On the feature film front, the Best Feature award went to Zach Clark‘s hilariously deadpan sex comedy Modern Love Is Automatic, which has been tearing up the festival circuit this year. In the short film category, Brian Lonano and Jeff Jenkins world premiered their retro-futuristically awesome Attackazoids, Deploy!! at AUFF and won the Best Sci-Fi Short award; while Jason Kupfer’s long-running festival favorite The Sleuth Incident won the Best Comedy Short award.

Congratulations to all the winners:


Best Feature
Modern Love Is Automatic, dir. Zach Clark (Watch Online)

Best Foreign Feature
Myna Se Va, dir. Sonia Escolano Pujante and Sadrac González Perellón

Best Drama Feature
Print, dir. Ashley C. Beyer

Best Foreign Drama Feature
Four Roses, dir. Kris De Meester

Best Director
Between Floors, dir. Jen White

Best Screenplay
Oral Fixation, dir. Jake Cashill

Best Comedy Feature
The Snake, dir. Adam Goldstein

Best Foreign Comedy Feature
Emma Blue, dir. Robert MacLean

Best Documentary Feature
Rocterrania, dir. Brett Ingram

Best Foreign Documentary Feature
Hobby, dir. Ciro Altabas

Best Action Feature
Barbariana: Queen of the Savages, dir. Darren Herczeg

Best Animated Feature
Sita Sings the Blues, dir. Nina Paley (Watch online)

Best Horror Feature
How to be a Serial Killer, dir. Luke Ricci

Best Local Feature
Vicktory to the Underdog, dir. Brandon Bond


Best Documentary Short
The Marina Experiment, dir. Marina Lutz (Watch online)

Best Foreign Short
Landskaber, dir. Kristoffer Kioerboe

Best Short Short
X-mess Detritus, dir. Aurelio Voltaire

Best Horror Short
Lazarus Taxon, dir. Denis Rovira

Best Sci-Fi Short
Attackazoids, Deploy!!, dir. Brian Lonano and Jeff Jenkins (Watch Online)

Best Drama Short
The Sneakers, dir. Dave Wells

Best Comedy Short
The Sleuth Incident, dir. Jason Kupfer (Watch online)

Best Experimental Short
The Magnificent Jinn, dir. Chris Minz

Best Experimental Animation
Milbe, dir. Karl Tebbe

Best Erotic Short
Headshot, dir. Jennifer Lyon Bell

Best Local Short
Bridge, dir. Frank Fearon

Audience Choice Award
The Ticket, dir. Robert Eagar

2009 AUFF the Wall Award
Leperfuck, dir. Drew Tobia (Watch online)