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2009 Arkansas Underground Film Festival: Call For Entries

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 21, 2009

So, 2009 sees a new kid on the block: The first ever Arkansas Underground Film Festival that will run in the town of Hot Springs on July 17-19. Hot Springs? Hot month? Hot underground films? Sounds like heaven.

The festival entry period only has one deadline:

Final Deadline:
May 15

But, what are they looking for? First, they encourage international submissions, so anybody from around the world can submit. They also say that primarily they are looking for short films that are under 20 minutes. However, they say they will also consider films at any length. Now, there’s no prior history of the fest to guide what they may be looking for, but here’s an excerpt from their mission statement:

Please note that programing for this event will hold true to the “underground” philosophy. Even though your work may be of exceptional quality or craft, it may not fit with our event if it is a more traditional or very straightforward piece. We are very friendly towards experimental, surreal, or documentary work with an edge or unusual bent. Gritty, low-budget, found, or cult work is highly encouraged and will remain uncensored.

Also, the festival is being run by these three guys: Dan Anderson (program director), Ben Meade (chief advisor) and Bill Solleder (marketing). Anderson and Solleder I’m not familiar with, but they have some other festival and screening experiments. Meade on the other hand, I recognize as a filmmaker name that pops up on the Underground Film Journal. Most recently, I reviewed his collaboration with Guy Maddin, Death of the Reel, which was sent to me courtesy of the Boston Underground Film Festival.

For full submission guidelines and an entry form, please visit the official ARKUFF site.

And check out the Underground Film Journal’s list of film festivals for more great underground fests to submit to.

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