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2009 Arizona Underground Film Festival: Call For Entries

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The good news is that last year the inaugural Arizona Underground Film Festival was a raging success. The even better news is that festival director David Pike is planning an even bigger follow-up event for this year!

The second AUFF is currently scheduled for Nov. 5-7, but look for more dates to be announced in the coming months. Once again the fest is looking for films in the following categories: Narrative, Horror, Experimental, Documentary, Animation and Music Videos. However, Pike is also adding a new category to the fest: Exploitation! I personally think this is great news.

“Exploitation” is a term that seems to have fallen out of favor, probably due to the fact that most theaters that run exploitation films have been long run out of business. But, I think it’s time to bring “exploitation” back and make it a viable genre again.

So, say you have an exploitation film — or another underground type of film — and want to send it in to AUFF, what are the deadlines you ask. Here they are:

The Early Earlybird Deadline
June 20
Entry Fee: $20

Earlybird Deadline
July 20
Entry Fee: $25

Regular Deadline
August 20
Entry Fee: $30

Late Deadline
September 10
Entry Fee: $35

The Arizona Underground Film Festival screens in Tucson, AZ and as for what they’re looking for, here’s a blip from their mission statement:

Our mission is to showcase the work of filmmakers with defiantly independent visions. We want to represent every genre of independent film from across the world during this celebration of the independent artist.

Last year, AUFF did screen a wide variety of different films. Check out last year’s lineup on the Underground Film Journal. Also, awards will be given out in the categories listed above, plus the traditional types of fest awards such as Audience Award, Best of the Fest Award and more. Also, the fest considers any film under 40 minutes a “short film” and anything over that a feature.

For full submission guidelines and an entry form, please visit the official Arizona Underground Film Festival site.

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