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2009 Antimatter Underground Film Festival: Call For Entries

By Mike Everleth ⋅ March 22, 2009

It’s a safe bet to say that the Antimatter Underground Film Festival is one of the best short film festivals in the world, especially in the avant-garde, experimental and underground film category. It’s definitely the biggest and the most extensive.  Oh, they do show a handful of features and are looking this year for expanded cinema performance pieces, but every year Antimatter is an astounding nine-day extravaganza of fantastic shorts.

There are two deadlines to be aware of and one of them is coming up fairly quickly, although the fest will run Oct. 9-17 in Victoria, BC, Canada. But, here are the deadlines (and dates mean when material must be received):

Early Deadline:
April 17

Late Deadline:
June 5

As to what Antimatter is looking for, here’s an excerpt from their manifesto found on their submission form:

Antimatter exists to provide a public platform for underground productions of film and video — imaginative, volatile, entertaining and critical works that exist outside of the mainstream. It is a forum for innovative and radical ideas overlooked or marginalized by contemporary culture.

Antimatter is the neutral ground designed to support the independent/individual voice regardless of the subversive or dangerous nature of its content, stylistic concerns or commercial viability.

Let’s sum up: Subversive, dangerous, volatile and imaginative. If your film fits that criteria, send in on in!

You can also check out last year’s full lineup of films on the Underground Film Journal; and for more info and full submission guidelines, please visit the official Antimatter website.

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