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2008 San Antonio Film Festival: Official Lineup

By Mike Everleth ⋅ June 10, 2008

Painting of a boxer with three legs

The past year has been a big one in underground film festival shakeups. The New York Underground has gone kaput, the Chicago Underground was acquired by IFP Midwest, the New Haven Underground got a new festival director and the Brooklyn Underground also went kaput. (No link for that last one, but it’s true.)

Now, here’s the latest news, which you may have guessed from this post’s title: The San Antonio Underground Film Festival has dropped the word “underground” from its name. However, as you can also surmise, I’m still listing the fest because — and keep this on the DL — it still has an underground flavor to its selections this year. But festival director Adam Rocha hopes the fest can get a little more attention without the underground tag.

Lots of good stuff to check out here, too. What’s really interesting from looking at the lineup is that, while I’m not noting the filmmakers’ locations here, there are many films here from Mexico, which should give the fest a unique flavor. The Mexican films are mostly shorts and I’d be interested to see what’s going on in the indie/underground scene of our southerly neighbor if I were able to attend.

June 19
2 p.m.: “Day Screening”
Verde, dir. Matias Meyer
Tr3s, dir. Dariela Ludlow Deloya
The Blue Note, dir. Adam Rendon
Eye for an Eye, dir. Rogelio Salinas III
Cosita Linda, dir. Fernando Fidel Urdapilleta
El Brassier de Emma, dir. Maryse Sistach

6 p.m.: “Evening Program” (including reception until 7 p.m.)
Unglued, dir. Troy Hart
Sirenas De Fondo, dir. Arcadi Palerm
Soul Searching, dir. Dale Marks
Dime lo que Sientes, dir. Iria Gomez Concheiro
Crawford, dir. David Modigliani. Feature film. A documentary look at what happened to the tiny Texas town after GWB and Laura moved in.

June 20

2 p.m.: “Day Screening”
Destapalo, dir. Eun-Hee Ihm
Ver Llover, dir. Elisa Miller
Second Chance, dir. Valdemar Belmares
RojoRed, dir. Juan Manuel
The Toaster That Toasted the Golden Toast, dir. Danny Bourque
The Comic Book Lady, dir. Shayne Barker. Feature film. Starring real-life comic book store owner Kathleen Miller, who has to deal with the nutcases who come into her store. Allegedly fictional, but filled with the types of stereotypes you’d expect to find in a comic store. Co-starring Harvey Pekar and Toby Radloff of American Splendor fame.

7 p.m.: “Evening Screening”

Bajo Juarez, dirs. Alejandra Sanchez & Jose Antonio Cordero Miguel. Feature Film. An investigation into the hundreds of Mexican women who have been sexually abused and murdered just along the U.S. border.

Garrison, dir. Kerry Valderrama. Feature Film. When a soldier goes AWOL, his fellow troops hunt him down.

June 21
2 p.m.: “Day Screening”
Unique-lahoma, dir. Todd Kent
Berlitad, dir. Pablo Angeles
Invisible Master, dir. Mike Fisher
Maggie and Mildred, dir. Holly Klein
Red Princess Blues, dir. Dan Cregan
Murmur, dirs. Peter Byrne, Carole Woodlock, Michaela Eremiasova
While You Were Away, dir. Jeremiah Comey
Eternal Flame, dir. Leah Meyerhoff
The River, dir. Karthik Nagarajan
Los Ladrones Viejos, dir. Everardo Gonzalez. Feature film. A documentary about a unique generation of thieves who, in the 1960s, displayed a particular code of ethics while also forming alliances with the law that allowed them to successfully ply their trade.

June 21
7 p.m.: “Evening Screening”
Adventures of Power, dir. Ari Gold. Feature film. A social outcast with an affinity for music travels across the U.S. to compete in the first-ever air drum battle.

Blood on the Highway, dirs. Barak Epstein & Blair Rowan. Feature film. Three weary travelers stop off in Fate, TX, which isn’t such a great place to stop since it’s filled with vampires.

June 22
12:00 p.m.: “Day Screening”
Reflections, dir. Barry L. Caldwell
Reborn: New Orleans Schools, dir. Drea Cooper. Feature film. After Hurrican Katrina, when the public schools re-opened, they tried to update their education model to better serve the children who had previously been going to some of the worst performing schools in the country.

Ghost Town, dir. Tanisha
Back to Normal, dirs. Sarah and Zenobia
Life Changes, dir. Colin
Waiting for the Sky to Fall, dir. Marc Wiskemann
Reality Show, dir. Federico Schmucler
Estamos Por Todo Lados, dir. Sofia Perez Suinaga
Hemisfair: A Retrospective 1968-2008, dirs. Olivia Hinojosa & Yvonne Hernandez

June 22
5 p.m.: “Evening Screening”
Twelve, dirs. Scott Masterson, Sean Baker Carter, Andy McCarthy, Garth Donovan, Luke Poling, Noah Lydiard, Megan Summers, Brynmore Williams, Joan Meister, Marc Colucci, Jared Goodman & Vladimir Minuty. Feature film. Twelve directors all made one short film each during a different assigned month of the year. All the films were then edited together for this feature.

El Caracol, dir. Alejandro Lugo
Forlorn, dir. Craig Ballin
Modelo Siqueiros, dir. Mariana Rodriguez
Jacob, dir. Buddy Calvo
FHB’s, dir. Carlos Medina

For more info, please visit the official San Antonio Film Festival site.