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2008 New York Underground Film Festival: The Trailers

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 3, 2008

Dr. Zizmor in front of a rainbow

The last ever New York Underground Film Festival is currently unspooling at the Anthology Film Archives. And to commemorate the occasion, the festival organizers have been pulling out all the stops to make it an especially memorable event. This includes commissioning six different festival trailers from NYUFF alumni. Five of these trailers have been posted online and I’m embedding them all below. Only five are online, though. The 6th trailer isn’t online because it was shot on 35mm by Robert Banks. Wait, he actually shot it on film? Now, that’s underground! Attendees at the fest can see the sixth trailer there.)

Here they are:

First up, we have Jim Finn‘s uncanny recreation of an old Star Trek episode. Ok, this is actually re-cut from actual original Star Trek —¬†you just gotta love a young, shirtless singing hippie Charles Napier. Finn is also providing the 2008 NYUFF’s closing night film, The Juche Idea.

Next, did you grow up watching HBO in the ’80s? If so, you’re going to especially love this trailer by Michael Bell-Smith. This is brilliant:

Then, we have an excellent old-timey lookin’ animation by Ewa Einhorn. Was it beauty that killed the NYUFF?

There’s also this really fun catfight by Peggy Ahwesh:

Finally, this is my favorite of the bunch. It’s by Ben Coonley and he actually got the famous Dr. Zizmor to pimp the fest. You probably have to live in NYC, or have lived there within the past decade, to fully appreciate this. Dr. Zizmor has these ubiquitous ads on the subway and I was shocked to learn from this trailer that he’s actually a real person:

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