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2008 New Haven Underground Film Festival: Call For Entries

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 17, 2008

The New Haven Underground Film Festival may be heading into its fifth year, but this is its first year with a new festival director. After a search to find something meaningful to contribute to, Film Threat contributor and author Phil Hall (The Encyclopedia of Underground Movies) took over NHUFF in a blazing coup d’etat last October.

Ok, not really. Former festival co-directors Michael Mongillo and Todd Dzicek were already looking to unload the fest and Phil courageously stepped up. Mongillo has gone on to direct a film with major Hollywood actors (Being Michael Madsen) and Todd’s busy with his career as a network engineer. Hall’s got some pretty big shoes to fill — and two pairs at that! But we’re sure he’ll carry on the proud NHUFF tradition very proudly on Sept. 27, 2008, when the festival will run.

Earlybird Deadline:
May 1

Regular Fee: $25
Without a Box Fee: $15

Regular Deadline:
June 1

Regular Fee: $35
Without a Box: $20

Since the fest is being run by a new director, I don’t know exactly what types of films Phil is looking for or if his mission statement is changing from Mongillo and Dzicek’s. But, he’s actually picked some films to screen already. They are:

A Writer Named Phil Hall, dir. Leszek Drozd
The Pod, dir. Jeremiah Kipp
Plan 9 From Syracuse, dir. Ryan Dacko

So, if your film actually stars Phil Hall, you probably have a good chance of getting in. (nyuk, nyuk.) Seriously, though, submit and make Phil’s first year a great one.

For more info and submission guidelines, please visit NHUFF’s official site.