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2008 Melbourne Underground Film Festival: The Posters

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 12, 2008

Film festival poster featuring a crowd looking at an abstract object

The ninth annual Melbourne Underground Film Festival will be running in less than one month’s time, Oct. 9-19. Festival director Richard Wolstencroft is threatening to release the program catalogue in about a week’s time, but, before we get to that, these posters give us a little sneak peek at this year’s festival theme: Revolution.

Wolstencroft tossed up the image on his blog Idea Fix the other day, which is a site ya’ll are reading regularly, right? I think it’s the only site on the web where you can get a nice mix of film, politics, Armaggedon and spanking. He also asked for interpretations of the image. Typical literal me is completely baffled, but I knows what I likes when I sees it. Great illustration. Oh, and if you click it, you’ll get a bigger version of it.

And as a bonus, below is the teaser poster Wolstencroft released a few weeks earlier. For those who don’t know, yes that’s him in the middle. Again, I terrific, hilarious image. And I’m an animal lover. (Also click to embiggen.)

Of course, I’ll have MUFF’s lineup here later in the month. The catalogue is usually a wonder to behold, crammed not with just movie descriptions, but all kinds of crazy essays, manifestos and the like. Can’t wait!

Richard Wolstencroft poses with armed rebels and a baby tiger