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2008 Coney Island Film Festival: Official Lineup

Film festival poster featuring drawings of Coney Island attractions

The 8th annual Coney Island Film Festival returns to one of the most awesome places God created on Earth: Coney Island, NY. (Where else do you think it’s going to be held?)

Not every film — and, man, there are a lot of films playing over three days, Sept. 26-28 — features this little spot of Heaven on the Eastern seaboard, but the entire fest reflects the spirit of all things Coney, mixing a little highbrow entertainment with a little lowbrow. Ok, it’s mostly lowbrow. But there’s a sideshow documentary, two fiction films that are set on the Boardwalk, what seems like hundreds of all kinds of crazy short films and, of course, the annual interactive late-night screening of Walter Hill’s The Warriors.

I only have one special¬†Underground Film Journal shout-out: Brian Lonano‘s awesome Attackazoids!, which, like the giant robots in the film, seems to be taking over the underground film scene and destroying everything in its path. That screens at 5 p.m. on Sunday before the feature film Shore Thing.

Looks like its going to be another great year for the fest, so check out the lineup below:

Sept. 26
7:30 p.m.: Sideshow Still Alive, dir. Juan C. Lopez. For those who thought that performing in sideshows was a dead art, this documentary proves that it’s still a thriving scene. Featuring performances from the Jim Rose Circus, the Enigma, Coney Island Sideshow Performers Insectavora and Eak The Geek, and the shocking John Shaw Pandemonium Midnight Sideshow.
Screening with Down the Hatch: The Life Teachings of John “Red” Stuart, dir. Andrew David Watson.

Sept. 27
12:00 p.m.: “Program 1”
The Ferris Wheel Song, dir. Richard Jack
Unexplained Incidents, dir. Gwyneth Leech
Transit, dir. Charlie Shelton & Gabe Gomez
Hopeful Home, dir. Ryan Bethune
Against the Wind, dir. Dan Masucci
First Bass, dir. Philip Hodges
Coney Island: Remnants, dir. Marc Harwood
Walking Shadow, dir. Douglas Hosdale
Frank Sidebottom: Frank’s World, dir. Chris Sievey

1:00 p.m.: “Program 2”
Luna Park, dir. Yuliya Vinokur
Bird Strikes, dir. Chris Cassidy
Brooklyn Baseball, dir. Robert Cassidy
Mermaids of New York: The Brooklyn Babydoll, dir. Ilise “The Lady Aye” Carter & Mica Scalin
Carlos Catani, dir. Marcos Meconi
Virgins of New York, dir. Katina Sossiadis
Carny Girl, dir. Erin FitzGerald

2:00 p.m.: “Program 3”
Okay: KaiserCartel, dir. Grizlet
Pretty Lisa, dir. Helen Quinn
Billboard Girl, dir. Brandon J. Herman
Submerged, dir. Jacob Daschek
The Heart Is a Hidden Camera, dir. Gabriel Judet-Weinshel
The Red Room, dir. Elina Fessa
Treasure of Riverside Park, dir. JSOK
Gangster’s Crib, dir. Jack Bank
The Last Freak Show, dir. Simon Tatum
The Velocet: Concertina, dir. Bil Thompson

3:00 p.m.: Lucky Days, dir. Tony Torn, Angelica Torn. During the last summer of Coney Island’s amusement park, a confused woman reconnects with her childhood sweetheart that makes her question her relationship with her current beau.

4:00 p.m.: “Program 5”
Serialist Art, dir. Lauren Stambaugh
Horsefingers 3: Starfucker, dir. Kirsten Kearse
The Visitor, dir. Paul Andersen
Euology for Jack, dir. Harold Einstein
Sovereignty, dir. Jonathan Sale
Pumpkin Hell, dir. Max Finneran
Dream On Cupid, dir. Michael Grabow

5:00 p.m.: “Program 6”
Around the World in 90 Seconds, dir. William Nunez
Age Old Story, dir. David Kramer
Three Minute Culture, dir. Henning Christiansen
One Little Step, dir. Nicholas Economides
Watching the Sun, 1 Wish, dir. Veronika Belianina
The Long Goodbye, dir. Angelia Sciulli
Counting Waves, dir. Eric Maryea
Detachment, dir. Robert Moore

6:00 p.m.: “Program 7”
The Upper Hand, dir. Lana Schwarcz
Dead Boyfriends, dir. Xstine Cook, Mooky Cornish, Neil Evenson
Sexy Clown Bitch, dir. Laura Newman
Teat Beat of Sex: Episodes 8,9,10,11, dir. Signe Baumane
Belvedere & Me – A Love Story, dir. Lin Gathright
Butterfly Witch, dir. Amber Dawn
Temporarily in Love, dir. Randy Scott Slavin

7:00 p.m.: Watch Out, dir. Steve Balderson. A selfish dude takes narcissism to a whole ‘nother level when he falls passionately in love with a blow-up doll that resembles himself.

8:00 p.m.: “Program 9”
Zombie Gets a Date, dir. Leetal Platt
Little Snaps of Horror, dir. not listed
Even, dir. Ben Jurin
Family Affair, dir. Rafael De Leon Jr.
Happy Birthday, dir. Rik Burns
Security & Fee, dir. Daniel McKleinfeld
The Walking Corpse, dir. Terrence Smith
Zombie Jesus!, dir. Steve Miller
Abracadaver!, dir. Nathan Schiff
Apathy Breeds Contempt, dir. Rory Douglas Abel
The Pod, dir. Jeremiah Kipp
Eat Me, dir. Victor Bonacore

9:00 p.m.: “Program 10”
Probed, dir. William Torres
Dishwashers, dir. Simona Prives
Apex Predator, dir. Esther Bell
I Love You I Love You I love You, dir. Mikey Reyes
Getting Out, dir. Ian Topple
Mishka, dir. Yuliya Lanina
Harvest, dir. Robert Nevitt
Gothkill, dir. James Connelly

10:30 p.m.: The Warriors, dir. Walter Hill. Annual screening of the classic NYC film.

Sept. 28
12:00 p.m.: “Program 11”
Brooklyn Is Everything, dir. Derek Garcia
Project Jenny, Project Jan’s “Brooklyn”, dir. Jason Dubin
Paint The Walls Red – Haunted, dir. Jim Riffel
MC Extra Cheese – Very Lazy Music Video, dir. Kesime Bernard
One Word, dir. Shalako Gordon
Buskers, dir. Chad Taylor

12:30 p.m.: Airplay: The Rise and Fall of Rock & Roll Radio, dir. Carolyn Travis, Chris Fox Gilson. This documentary examines how congressional pressure — in the form of investigating so-called “payola” — killed the original AM rock music revolution.
Screening with Light Switch, dir. Clarissa Ysel; and
Rock N Roll King of the Southwest: The Bobby Fuller Story, dir. Nick Carroll

2:00 p.m.: “Program 13”
The Brooklyn Way, dir. Matthew Ginsburg, Mike McLeer
North Brother, dir. Dan Gingold
Where the Sky Meets the Sea, dir. Jasper Wingo, Matthew Orr
The Brother’s in Trouble, dir. Sara Strahan
Huey, dir. Josef Wladyka
The Note, dir. Jon Greenhalgh
I’m No Stud, dir. Randall Ehrmann
Pickup and Return, dir. Alex R. Johnson
English Language (With English Subtitles), dir. Tim Plester
Vacation, dir. Sangheon Lee
Long Night Drone, dir. Neil Forman

3:00 p.m.: “Program 14”
Dawn Landes, Bodyguard, dir. Valery Estabrook
Hot Dog, dir. Bill Plympton
The Maiden Voyage of Jimmy Swash, dir. Tim Young
Erin, dir. Casey Long
Come From Heaven, dir. Cole Wiley
New Uke City, dir. Clyde Folley
The Salvation Blues, dir. Ray Foley

4:00 p.m.: “Coney Island Films”
January First, dir. Howie Alex
Coney Island’s for the Birds, dir. Alexis Neophytides
Coney, dir. Franklin Feinberg
Wonder, dir. Sarah-Jane Harrison
Coney Island Saved Me!, dir. Amanda Jencsik
Save Coney Island, dir. Peter LiPera
Coney Island, dir. Michael Maher
Made in Coney Island: Summer 2007, dir. Evan Kleinman
A Mermaid Cycle, dir. Jennifer S. Piazza

5:00 p.m.: Shore Thing, dir. Anthony Lovari, James Hill. A failing marine biology student is the only person who figures out why sharks are suddenly appearing in the Coney Island shore.
Screening with Attackazoids!, dir. Brian Lonano (Watch online)
Trek 183, dir. Alain Alfaro

6:00 p.m.: “Program 17”
Hell Bent On It, dir. Josh Smith
Outside Agitator, dir. Morgan Miller
Hot Stains, dir. Shalom Gorewitz
Anybody, dir. David Franklin
The Trouble With Summer, dir. Brian Wimer
Just One of the Gynos, dir. Tripper Clancy
Denim, dir. Jeff Lycett
Dress Code, dir. Mark Cabaroy
William Klein – “Out Of Necessity”, dir. Douglas Sloan
Helen’s First Date in Two Years, dir. Matthew Mendelson
Sodom By the Sea, dir. Johnny Salvatore

Please visit CIFF’s official site for more info.