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2008 Brainwash Movie Festival: Official Lineup

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 12, 2008

Drawing of a brain under a dripping sink faucet

Now here’s an awesome idea for a film festival: Hang a big white sail outdoors in a giant parking lot on which to screen movies, transmit the audio for those movies via radio frequency and have your audience drive, bike or just walk on in for a good time.

The Brainwash Movie Festival has been doing exactly that for 14 years now. This year, festival director Shelby Toland promises two nights of great short films on July 25 & 26 projected in the great outdoors at the Alliance for West Oakland Development Parking Lot, 1357 5th St. at Mandela Parkway, Oakland, CA.

This is the first time I’m hearing about and reporting on this festival, but their press release say that this year’s edition is “a slightly darker, perhaps more macabre engagement than in previous years.” That must be true because I spy in the lineup J.X. Williams‘ spookily psychedelic Psych-Burn, which I love and is also available on Other Cinema’s Experiments in Terror 2 DVD compilation.

Brainwash also has a DVD available that’s a compilation of short films from previous editions of the festival. They also have a cable TV show they’re currently syndicating. You can find out more about those things on their official website.

But, for now, here’s the full two-night lineup:

July 25
9:00 p.m.:

The Drill, dir. Dan Seneres
The Road, dir. Owen Thomas
Crossin’ All the Boundaries, dir. Rebecca Parrish
Psych-Burn, dir. J.X. Williams
Hotel Paradiso, dir. Sol Bundy
Human Park, dir. Mick Cusimano
FilmDogTM, dir. Joey Bargsten
The Language Lesson, dir. Eileen Finn
Wiffle Ball, dir. Jim Ford
Treehugger, dir. David Burns
Dead Boyfriends, dir. Xstine Cook
The Death of Artists (Air 56), dir. Jim Magrini
Severely Spaced, dirs. Mark McGothigan & Ure Thrall
Bally-Master, dir. Gary Beeber (Read the review)
Video Calibration, dir. Caitlin Horsmon

July 26
9:00 p.m.:

J.X. Williams trailer, dir. Noel Lawrence
Heartless, dir. Paul Dalio
Every Seven Minutes, dir. Josh Bass
Motherload of Trophies, dir. Karim Amara
The Human Error, dir. Derek Burnett
Whitebread and Goatman, dir. Steve Hosford
Long Night Drone, dir. Neil Forman
Even, dir. Ben Jurin
Amor Peligrosa, dir. Michelle Silva
And the Birds Flew From the Trees, dir. Sean Buckelew
The Mercury Men, dir. Christopher Preksta
Optech 1, dir. Dan Monceaux
The Double, dir. Rani DeMuth
Transrexia, dir. Voltaire