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2008 Boston Underground Film Festival: The Trailer

By Mike Everleth ⋅ March 4, 2008

Boston Underground Film Festival

Entering their 10th year celebrating cinematic weirdness, the Boston Underground Film Festival presents this year’s festival trailer, which I’ve embedded above. Honestly, I prefer festival videos that include clips from the films screenings, like last year’s Boston Underground Film Festival trailer, and the text is a little tough to read. This probably plays better on a big screen in front of a screening, but check it out anyway.

The 10th annual BUFF will run this March 20-23. I’ll get the schedule up as soon as I can, but it’s laid out on the fest’s official site in a way that’s not conducive to to cut and pasting. But they are showing Crispin Glover starring in The Wizard of Gore, as well as featuring a Leah Meyerhoff retrospective and a documentary about William Castle, so it sounds like great fun already. Check out the fest’s MySpace page for trailers for some of the films.

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