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2008 ATA Film & Video Festival: The Trailer

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 23, 2008

This year’s ATA Film & Video Festival, which is held at the legendary Artists Television Access center in San Francisco, is nearly upon us. The third edition is going to run Oct. 2-4 with two nights of terrific short films and one night of hometown superstar Craig Baldwin‘s feature-length Mock Up on Mu. To promote the fest, they’ve cut a very fine trailer that I’ve embedded above.

While this posting is just a short note, you’re going to be hearing an awful lot more about the festival in the coming days here on the Underground Film Journal. Of course, I’m going to put up the full lineup, but just like last year, festival director Isabel Fondevila was awesome enough to send me DVDs of all the shorts. I haven’t watched them yet (sorry, Isabel), but I’m going to in the next day or so and I’ll put up my musings in advance of the festival so audiences will know what they’re getting into. I’m real excited to watch them because I loved last year’s batch so much. Now, all I need to do is finally get a chance to see Mock Up on Mu.

But for now, enjoy the trailer. (I did.) And keep your eyes peeled for future posts.

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