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2008 Arizona Underground Film Festival: Award Winners

Film festival poster featuring a drawing of a girl holding a knife

The first ever Arizona Underground Film Festival, which was just held this past weekend on Oct. 17-19, gave out a slew of awards to several feature films and shorts.

Topping the list, of course, is Joshua von Brown‘s Altamont Now. This film deserves every award it can get its bloody punk rock hands on, I tell you. Including Arizona, the film also played at two other festivals this past week and will be screening in NYC next week. I’ll have the full details about that soon.

Also winning awards are two other Underground Film Journal favorites. First is my new short film favorite Excision by Richard Bates Jr., which I just raved about in this compilation of Spooky Movie Film Festival reviews; and the other is Marc Rokoff‘s deranged documentary Unspeakable, which has had a happy resurgence on the underground film circuit the past couple of months.

So, special congrats to Josh, Richard and Marc, but really congratulations to all the winners:

Best Narrative
Altamont Now, dir. Joshua Von Brown (Read the review)

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Best Narrative Short
The Heart Is a Hidden Camera, dir. Gabriel Judet-Weinshel

Best Horror Feature
Bonnie & Clyde vs. Dracula, dir. Timothy Friend

Best Horror Short
Excision, dir. Robert Bates Jr. (Watch online)

Best Documentary
Unspeakable, dir. Marc Rokoff (Read the review)

Best Animation
Puppet, dir. Patrick Smith (Watch online)

Best Music Video
Mission Creeps “Creepy,” dir. Gene Torres

Best Experimental
Death of the Reel, dir. Benjamin Meade (Read the review)

Best of the Fest
Dark Reel, dir. Josh Eisenstadt

Audience Award
Left/Right, dir. Matthew Wolfe

Juror Award
AM1200, dir. David Prior

For more info, please visit the official AUFF site.