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2008 Antimatter Underground Film Festival: Official Lineup

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 16, 2008

Antimatter Underground Film Festival poster featuring a bunch of abstract images

This year, their 11th, the Antimatter Underground Film Festival ups their feature film screening quota, yet it still remains the most extensive short film festival in North America. It might possibly be the largest in the world, but I don’t have the resources to go research that kind of thing. Instead, let’s just marvel at their massive nine day run this Sept. 19-27.

Every single short film that is screening is listed below and please, if you’re in the mind for some eyestrain, go ahead and check ’em all out. As a short film fanatic myself, that’s the reason I give myself eyestrain plus carpal tunnel typing the whole thing up. (To be fair, a lot of cutting and pasting is involved.) But seriously, once again, this lineup is a thing of beauty in it’s comprehensiveness of the greatest short films from around the world. And this year we also get a sweet half-dozen or so feature films for good measure. Actually a few more may be classified as “features,” i.e. ones that run maybe just under an hour, but I did the best I could callng out the features.

And given this mind-blowing lineup of films and filmmakers, I have a startling few amount of special shout-outs to my readers. First up, they are screening Karl Lemieux‘s Western Sunburn that I reviewed when it appeared on Cinema Abattoir’s Incarnation DVD compilation. Spooky flick. Check it out. Another film I reviewed, and one I positively adored, was Sylvia Schedelbauer‘s False Friends that screened at last year’s ATA Film & Video Festival. Highly, highly recommended.

Also, a short film festival almost isn’t complete unless it includes an animation by Martha Colburn. Although I haven’t seen Don’t Kill the Weatherman! yet, I can’t imagine it being anything less than amazing. We love Martha! And finally, the closing film of the festival is friend of Underground Film Journal Craig Baldwin‘s Mock Up on Mu, another movie we haven’t seen yet, but are drooling at the anticipation of checking it out sometime, somehwere.

So, enough of my yap-yap, here’s the full lineup. Read it and weep (in a good way):

Sept. 19

7:00 p.m.: “The Theory of Time Here”
To Master Any Song In Any Key, dir. Serena Lee
The Return of the Black Tower, dir. Jennet Thomas
Parallel Paradises (Japan), dir. Manuel Saiz
Three Minute Miracle, dir. Amalie Atkins
The Theory of Time Here, dir. Roderick Coover
The Skooks, dir. Norwood Cheek
Hydro-Lévesque, dir. Matthew Rankin

Sept. 20

7:00 p.m.: “Lightwork”
August, dir. Vanessa O’Neill
Fontage, dirs. Fred Pelon & Mike Hoolboom
1 to 8, dir. Amy Schwartz
Ante Chamber, dir. Robert Todd
dry idea, dir. Velveeta Krisp
Light Work 1, dir. Jennifer Reeves
tree stain man (homage to stan), dir. Peter Snowdon
Ring, dir. Robert Todd
Espacios Vacíos (Empty Spaces), dir. Gabriela Zamorano
Victory Over the Sun, dir. Michael Robinson

9:00 p.m.: “Images in Back of the Head”
All That Rises, dir. Daïchi Saïto
Parallax, dir. Christopher Becks
Paper Nautilus, dir. Amber Goodwyn
Fracas, dir. Eduardo Menz
Untitled, dir. Lucia Fezzuoglio
The Nervous Loops, dir. Julien Idrac
Artifacts, dir. Steven Ladouceur
The Garden of Forking Paths (El jardin de senderos que se bifurcan), dir. Malena Szlam
Western Sunburn, dir. Karl Lemieux (Read the review)
Pan of the Landscape, dir. Christopher Becks
Lola, dir. Mike Rollo
Though She Never Spoke, This Is Where Her Voice Would Have Been, dir. Lindsay McIntyre
Ghosts & Gravel Roads, dir. Mike Rollo

Sept. 21

7:00 p.m.: “Wonderland”
Mary Mary, dir. Michael Plunkett
Small Apartment, dir. Andrew T. Betzer
Lipstick, dir. Babak Meinaghi
Paul & the Badger: Episode 5, dir. Paul Tarragó
Dear Roomates, dir. Pablo Diconca
Alicja Wonderland, dir. Martin Gauvreau

9:00 p.m.: “Burlesque”
Kanuck: A Politician Dreams, dir. Gregory Ball
Evolizer, dir. Jan Van Neunen
Bawo Thixo Somandla (Almighty Father God), dir. Kai Lossgott
Burlesque, dir. Tim Shore & Gary Thomas
Grief, dir. Erwin Olaf
I Hate You Don’t Touch Me or Bat & Hat, dir. Becky James
Minot, North Dakota, dirs. Angelika Brudniak & Cynthia Madansky
Calculating 63, dir. my name is scot & leannej
Murder Capital, dir. Marcy Saude

Sept. 22

7:00 p.m.: “Family Values”
Milbe (Mite), dir. Karl Tebbe
…almost like one of the family, dir. Astrid Goransson
Le Corps Humain (Introduction), dir. Alexandre Larose
Cold Rust, dir. Tamara Taddeo
Alice, dir. Brian Hunter
Guayte Noise, dir. Nicolás Testoni & Ricardo De Armas
Dream of Me, dir. A. Moon
Dépendance, dir. Isabelle Lecuyer
Family Dinner Conversation, dir. Yoshie Sakai
Just Say NO To Family Values, dir. Antonello Faretta

9:00 p.m.: “Autoportrait”
Imprint, dir. Cecilia Araneda
Alpha, dir. Kai Lossgott
Par Vos Yeux (For Your Eyes), dir. Baba Hillman
De la tête aux pieds, dir. Josie-Anne Lemieux
Notes on Gesture, dir. Solomon Nagler
Bare, dir. Wrik Mead
Over No Things, dir. Yen-Chao Lin
Cliffe Street, dir. Chris Giles
Stay, dir. Kevin Kirkpatrick
The Telephone Eulogies, dir. Joe Hiscott

Sept. 23

7:00 p.m.: “Creative Violation”
Cattle Call, dir. Matthew Rankin & Mike Maryniuk
Dig, dir. Robert Todd
Don’t Kill the Weather Man!, dir. Martha Colburn
Creative Violation: The Rebel Art4. of the Street Stencil, dir. Andrew Stevenson
Teslamania, dir. Joel Schlemowitz
Spirit, dir. Jem Cohen
Black & White Trypps Number Three, dir. Ben Russell (Watch online)
Insurgentes (noche), dirs. Mesora + Jiménez
Notebook on Santas & Elves, dir. Ted Fisher

9:00 p.m.: “Everything is going to be alright”
Karaoke Show, dir. Karl Tebbe
Alegrias, dir. Arielle Falk
Matchstick, dir. Micheline Durocher
Inflate / Deflate, dir. John G. Boehme
Conditions, dir. Laurel Woodcock
Nummer Acht (Everything is going to be alright), dir. Guido van der Werve
Tape Film, dir. Chris Kennedy
The Eternal Object, dir. Sarah Lightbody

7:00 p.m.: “Profit motive and the whispering wind”
American Dreams #4:1. Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect, dir. Moira Tierney
Hysteria, dir. Christina Battle
Profit Motive and the Whispering Wind, dir. John Gianvito. (A short feature.) Vaguely based on Howard Zinn’s influential A People’s History of the United States, this documentary ties together grave sites and monuments all over the U.S. with the stories behind them.

9:00 p.m.: Frank & Cindy, dir. G.J. Echternkamp. (Feature film.) A documentary on Echternkamp’s unusual family. When he was 5, his drug-addicted mother, Cindy, married Frank, a member of a Menudo-style rip-off band that immediately broke up following the wedding. Stepdad has never worked in his life, mom supported the family for 25 years as best she could and now son exploits both of them for movie. (Read the review)

Sept. 24

7:00 p.m.: “The Last Moment”
The Magic Top, dir. Joost van Veen
The Thirty Project, dir. Terryll Loffler
A Seminar in Film Sound, dir. Steven Eastwood
Hot Under the Collar, dir. Jason Britski
Failure, dir. Nelson Henricks
Sharhé Halé Shaksi, dir. Matthew Rankin
The Epicene, dir. William Scott Rees & JoEllen Martinson
The Last Moment, dir. Deco Dawson

7:00 p.m.: “Just because I’m standing here, doesn’t mean I want to”
Oh great now look what happened, dirs. Gerbrand Burger & Tijmen Hauer
Xenia I, II, III, dir. Anna Lange
Idyll, dir. Esther Urlus
Jolanda 23, dir. Pim Zwier
Passage, dir. Paul van de Wildenberg
Number Two, dir. Guido van der Werve
Amsterdam Reconstruction, dir. Jérome Schlomoff
Nook & Cranny, dir. Francien van Everdingen

9:00 p.m.: I Pity the Fool, dir. Brent Coughenour. Digging into the rubble left behind after Detroit began bulldozing the city’s myriad vacant buildings in preparation of hosting the 2006 Super Bowl.

9:00 p.m.: Beautiful Losers, dir. Aaron Rose & Joshua Leonard. A documentary on the 1990-era NYC storefront gallery that pulled together the worlds of skateboarding, surfing, punk, hip hop and graffiti.

Sept. 25

7:00 p.m.: “We will live to see these things”
The Pain with Being Thirsty, dir. David Yun
Testing the Undertow, dir. Jen Proctor
In the Same Boat, dir. Emily Bissland
We will live to see these things, or, five pictures of what may come to pass, dir. The Speculative Archive (Julia Meltzer & David Thorne)

7:00 p.m.: “Somewhere between”
Fallen Flags, dir. Amanda Dawn Christie
Deep Six, dir. Sami van Ingen
Fore-and-Aft, dir. Sara MacLean
5 Walks: Hercynia Silva, dir. Anna Abrahams
Caribou, dir. Jason Britski
somewhere between here and there, dir. Liss Platt
Screening, dir. Niels Plenge

9:00 p.m.: Metropole, dir. Stephanie Skourtes & Brian Ganter. A look at a day in the life of six Seattle residents.
Shown with: There Goes the View, dir. Carolyn Macartney

9:00 p.m.: “Muse of Cinema”
Muse of Cinema, dir. Kerry Laitala
Terra Firma, dir. Kerry Laitala
Spectrology, dir. Kerry Laitala (Read the review)
Retrospectroscope, dir. Kerry Laitala
Phantogram, dir. Kerry Laitala
Auld Lang Syne, dir. Kerry Laitala
Coming Attractions, dir. Kerry Laitala
Little Bassy Velvet: An Expanded Cinema Projector Performance, dir. Kerry Laitala

Sept. 26

7:00 p.m.: “Praxis”
df/dx, dir. Thomas Helman
Tattoo Step, dir. Mike Maryniuk
Black & White Trypps Number Four, dir. Ben Russell
SX80rj, dir. Ricardo Mehedff
Strip, dir. Erika Suderburg & Linda Besemer
v=d/t, dir. Amanda Dawn Christie
n’Acre, dir. Myriam Bessette
A Diamond Forms Under Pressure, dir. Paul O Donoghue
The Death of Natural Language, dir. Clint Enns (Watch online)
Praxis 1–3 Scenes, dir. Dietmar Brehm

9:00 p.m.: “Fortune”
A live cinema performance by Potter-Belmar Labs. A modern day magic lantern show.

Sept. 27

7:00 p.m.: “Test Phantom”
Case Histories In Psychotherapy, dir. Tony Gault (Read the review)
Sebastian, dir.
Modeng Woman, dir. Rita Tse
Someone Else’s Girlfriend, dir. James Fitzgerald Craig
The Acrobat, dir. Chris Kennedy (Read the review)
Test Phantom, dir. Robin Kiteley
The Tourist, dir. Salise Hughes
Falsche Freunde (False Friends), dir. Sylvia Schedelbauer (Read the review)
Severing the Soul, dir. Barbara Klutinis

9:00 p.m.: Mock Up on Mu, dir. Craig Baldwin. The legendary collage filmmaker is back with his latest feature, a surrealistic blend of spy, sci-fi, Western and horror genres. Fiction and non-fiction archival material blend together to tell the rich history of the militarization of space from the viewpoint of three diverse individuals: Jet Propulsion Laboratory founder Jack Parsons, artist Marjorie Cameron and author L. Ron Hubbard. (Read the review)

As always, please visit the official AUFF site for more info. A lot more!