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2007 WNDX Underground Film Festival: Official Lineup

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 12, 2007

WNDX Underground Film Festival poster featuring a drawing of a spray bottle

In Canada, they don’t like to name their underground fests after their host cities like we do here in the States. Victoria, BC has the Antimatter fest and over in Winnipeg they hold the WNDX Underground Film Festival, which will be going into it’s second year this Oct. 4-7. Founded by five filmmakers, it’s four nights of short films, plus a couple of daytime master classes. For the nighttime lineups, this is what they got this year:

October 4

7 p.m.: “New Prairie Cinema Showcase: Program I: The Personal Image”
une femme n’est pas une île, dir. Eve Mazjels
Moving, dir. Leslie Supnet
Retreat, dir. Adam Budd
Sorrow, dir. Finlay Harper
Complications, dir. Murray Toews
Adam and Steve, dir. Doug Melnyk
Artist Seeks, dir. Evan Tapper
On Light, or the Ingression of Forms, dir. Clint Enns
Isolating Landscapes, dir. Heidi Phillips
I’m BoHUNKy-dory With It (My Nose), dir. Sandee Moore
Maine, dir. Pat Aylesworth
Artist Statement, dir. Daniel Barrow

9 p.m.: “Time, Space & Light: The Photographic Memories of Jason Britski and Ian Toews”
Transfixed, dir. Jason Britski
Ripples in the Snow, dir. Jason Britski
Four Corners, dir. Ian Toews
Japan: Kesei Line Single Take, dir. Ian Toews
Negation, dir. Jason Britski
Shoulders on a Map, dir. Jason Britski
You would make a good lawyer, dir. Jason Britski
Hot Under the Collar, dir. Jason Britski
Fragile, dir. Jason Britski
Opening of Japan, dir. Ian Toews

October 5

7 p.m.: “Surface Gazing: A Canadian Perspective of Performance-Based Film and Video Made by Women”
Seven, dir. Wendy Geller
A Day in the Life of a Bull Dyke, dir. Shawna Dempsey & Lorri Millan
Rockstar, dir. Nicole Shimonek
Winged Victory, dir. Victoria Prince
Tree of Consumption, dir. Dana Claxton
Why Always Instead of Just Sometimes, dir. Deirdre Logue

9 p.m.: “Finding Himself: Found Footage in the Work of Steve Reinke
The Mendi, dir. Steve Reinke
Why I Stopped Going to Foreign Films, dir. Steve Reinke
Ask the Insects, dir. Steve Reinke
Regarding the Pain of Susan Sontag (Notes on Camp), dir. Steve Reinke
Lonely Boy, dir. Steve Reinke
Falling, dir. Steve Reinke
Anthology of American Folk Song, dir. Steve Reinke

October 6

7 p.m.: “Radiance: New Works from Canadian Collective Celluloid Practitioners” (Double-Program w/intermission)
c: won eyed jail, dir. Kelly Egan
Parícutin, dir. Erika Loic
Shapes Eat Shapes, dir. Angela Joosse
Uncrumpling…As Moths From Cocoons, dir. Tyler Tekatch
untitled (waterfilm), dir. Dan Browne
Pulsions, dir. Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof
Outside Sarajevo, dir. Ajla Odobasic
Thaw, dir. Shana MacDonald
Ode, dir. Ilana Gutman
Conversations with Maya Deren, dir. Vicky Chainey Gagnon
Fracas, dir. Eduardo Menz
Pan of the Landscape, dir. Christopher Becks
All That Rises, dir. Daïchi Saïto
Western Sunburn, dir. Karl Lemieux (Read the review)
El jardín de senderos que se bifurcan (The Garden of Forking Paths), dir. Malena Szlam
Paper Nautilus, dir. Amber Goodwyn
Light (Passing), dir. Mike Rollo

October 7

7 p.m.: “New Prairie Cinema Showcase: Program II: The Fantastical Image”
Photosynthesis, dir. J. Scott Portingale
The Ratspectacla, dir. Clark Ferguson
Trafiiik, dir. Robert Pasternak
The Robert Vilar Workbooks Vol I, dir. Matthew Rankin and Alek Rzeszowksi
Evolution, dir. John Osborne
Devil on the Canvas, dir. Terryll Loffler
Destiny Green, dir. Erica Eyres
Get Up and Dust Yourself Off, dir. Collin Zipp
Foundation, dir. Rick Fisher and Don Rice

9 p.m.: “The One Take Super-8 Event.” A collection of films  that are exactly as the title says. Open to all filmmakers and will include works by members of the WNDX collective itself.

Please visit the official WNDX website for more info.

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