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2007 Twin Cities Underground Film Festival: Official Lineup

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 31, 2007

The 2nd annual Twin Cities Underground Film Festival is going to be held this weekend, Aug. 4 and 5, in Minneapolis and will feature an eclectic mix of features and shorts. It is only two days, but they’re showing an impressive amount of films. The only thing, though, is that on the TCUFF site schedule, they don’t list the director names with the films, which I like to list in the Underground Film Journal festival lineups. I’m going to try to either look up as many as I can or put in names for films I know I’ve covered before. But, if you’re a filmmaker and you see your film here, drop me a line and I’ll add your name.

And one special program note: The documentary shorts collection showing on Sunday at 4 p.m. is playing Drawing Between the Lines, which won the Best of the Fest award at the 2007 Austin Underground Film Festival. I reviewed it here. Highly recommended.

August 4
10:00 a.m.: The Half Life of Mason Lake, dir. Tim Lotesto. A happily married couple run into trouble when a brain injury reduces the husband’s intellect to that of a child.

12:00 p.m.: Dimension, dir. Matthew Scott Harris. Ever want to improve your life by three inches? And get your mind out of the gutter…

2:00 p.m.: “Alternate Reality/Modern Life.” Shorts.
Who to Trust
The Coffee Shop
The Exception
The Blacksmith
The Image

3:00 p.m.: “Director’s Choice.” Shorts.
The Legend of Sorrow Creek, dir. Michael Penning.

4:00 p.m.: “Comedy Shorts.”
Heart, American Red Cross
I Do?
I Just Want to Eat My Sandwich, dir. Julia Radochia.
Super-Anon, dir. Stephen H. Plitt.
Call of Nature
An Even Briefer History of Time, dir. Karen Hanson.
Mild People in Agressive T-Shirts
Out of Focus
Southern Fried Chop Suey, dir. Andy Puckett.

7:00 p.m.: It Came From Another World!, dir. Christopher R. Mihm. An Earth scientist becomes possessed by an evil alien dictator (are there any other kind?) who wants to rule the universe, starting with our little green planet.

8:50 p.m.: “Adult Comedy Shorts.”
Zombie Love, dir. Yfke van Berckelaer.
My Name is Wallace, dir. Bob Pondillo.
Available Men, dir. David Dean Bottrell.
Watch & Learn

August 5
11:00 a.m.: The Chemistry of Dating, Matt Olson. A college nerd who can’t score with the chicks applies the Scientific Method to get girls into his bed.

1:00 p.m.: “Action/Horror Shorts.”
By Appointment Only, dir. John Faust (Read the Underground Film Journal movie review)
Tell-Tale, dir. Jason Roberts
Waste Land

3:00 p.m.: “Animated Shorts.”
Car War
2 in the AMPM
Mr. Consumption, dir. Max Margulies and Naoko Masuda
Startle Pattern, dir. Eric Patrick.
Runa’s Spell, dir. Stephanie Maxwell.
Aurora and the Sea, dir. Charlotte Taylor.

4:00 p.m.: “Documentary Shorts.”
Stomping Grounds, dir. Rob Schroeder
Women of Paradise
Drawing Between the Lines, dir. Bruce Parsons (Read the Underground Film Journal movie review)

6:30 p.m.: Bill’s Big Pumpkins, dirs. Ryan Foss and Bill Nagel. Bill Foss tries to grow the biggest pumpkin in Minnesota history.

8:15 p.m.: Project Canada. An American documentary film crew tries to cover the second largest country in the world. Lemme guess … Canada? They cover 17,000 miles in 3 months to learn more about our friends up north.