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2007 Sydney Underground Film Festival: Award Winners

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 29, 2007

Trophy given to 2007 Sydney Underground Film Festival winners

Held way back on Sept 7-10, the Sydney Underground Film Festival presented an astounding 21 awards to films and filmmakers. Awards were divided up between native Australian films and international films. On the jury were filmmakers Paul Winkler, Christina Andreef, Arthur Cantrill, Corinne Cantrill and author/historian Jack Sargeant. And the above image is of the award itself, which was designed by Mark Wotherspoon. Some of the winners also got a ton of prizes, including film, processing vouchers, books, CDs and more. Quite impressive! Here are the lucky devils:

Boundary-breaking Best Australian Short Film Award:
Slogun, dir. Mahmoud Yekta

Innovative Narrative Awards:
Vermin, dir. Dean Francis
Defaced, dir. William Mansfield
Witness, dir. William Mansfield
Fishy, dir. William Mansfield

Unique Aesthetic Film Award:
Vulcanizer, dir. Ryan Leech

Social / Political Film Award:
Postcards From Australia, dir. Atanas Djonov

Recycled Cinema Award:
Picnic at Wolf Creek, dir. Soda Jerk

Material Affects Award:
Aloha Hawaii, dir. Tony Lawrence

Australian Animation Award:
Happy in Our Graves. Ten Years Deep, dir. Richard Eames

Australian Best Actress:
Alana Golingi in White Song, dir. Katrina Graham

Australian Best Actor:
Damon Gameau in Vermin, dir. Dean Francis

Boundary-breaking Best Feature Award:
Tin Can Man, dir. Ivan Kavanagh

Boundary-breaking Best Short Film Award:
Seeking Wellness Part Two : Daddy’s Time, dir. Daniel Schneidkraut

Digital Effects Award:
Los 60, dir. Yolanda De Los Bueis

Provocative Film Award:
Gary’s Touch, dir. Ken Takahashi

Experimentation in Film Award:
Seeking Wellness Part One: Cup Of Friendship, Shrine of Scars, dir. Daniel Schneidkraut

Innovative Narrative Award:
Anonymous, dir. Cristian Pozo

International Best Actor:
Patrick O’Donnell in Tin Can Man, dir. Ivan Kavanagh

International Best Actress:
Lara Belmont in Lump, dir. Faye Jackson

Audience Reaction Award:
Gary’s Touch, dir. Ken Takahashi