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2007 San Francisco Underground Short Film Festival: The Trailer

By Mike Everleth ⋅ August 16, 2007

I have to say that the San Francisco Underground Short Film Festival puts together the best fest trailers. Sometimes I’ll watch last year’s trailer just because it’s so much fun. And, they’ve done it again!

The SFUSFF is going to run this year on Sept. 1 at 12:00 a.m. as the concluding event of Midnight Mass run by the indomitable Peaches Christ.

Girl with hair growing out of her face

I’m not going to list the filmmakers screening at this year’s fest because the only list on the SFUSFF site is in .jpg form and I don’t feel like transcribing. If a better list pops up, I’ll post that. But there will be 17 films screening that are all under 15 minutes and all made by San Franciscan directors. I will give one shoutout, though: performer Jer Ber Jones posted on her MySpace blog that her video “Only You,” directed by Robbie Daniels Jr., will be screening.

Anyway, above is the great trailer for the 2007 fest, featuring clips from many of the shorts and, once again, a song I don’t recognize, but that’s very catchy. Anyone know what it is? Please leave a comment!

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